MAR. 17, 2022

RakutenFWT 2022 A/W | Day 4 Report

“Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (hereinafter indicated as Rakuten FWT) 2022 A/W” (governing body: the Japan Fashion Week Organization, hereinafter indicated as JFWO), welcomed its forth day.

MALION vintage(12:00~ Physical presentation)
An award-winning brand of the TOKYO FASHION AWARD, MALION vintage, having welcomed its 6th anniversary since start-up, presented its very first runway show with the designer commenting, “the summary of all our efforts”. Created under the theme, “SECRET BASE”, inspired by neckties lined-up beautifully in her parents’ closet. The down jacket made of a patchwork of 80 disassembled neckties, was an especially impressive collection item. Notable is the broadening of their men’s line and accessories, such as bags.

MEGMIURA WARDROBE(13:00~ Online presentation along with a press event at Shibuya Hikarie, COURT)
MEGMIURA WARDROBE 2022 AW by the designer, Ms. Meg Miura, developed coats of colorfully updated versions of traditional check patterns, expressing an image of a crisscross of the three keywords of their brand, “genderless / ageless / body positive”.
At the venue, in addition to their 2022AW movie and exhibit of their collection, a talk session with Mr. Tatsuro Motohashi, owner of XANADU TOKYO, and Mr. Sho Tatsuta, musician, was held.


●”NFT presentation”by yoshiokubo14:00~ Physical presentation
(hosted by the Japan Cultural Expo / cosponsor project)
As a part of the “Japan Cultural Expo” project being promoted by the Japanese Government, yoshiokubo presented a “NFT presentation”. (sponsors: the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Japan Art Council, JFWO)
Following through with the “IKA (squid) agari” theme of their 2022A/W collection presented this January, it turned out to be a presentation event to release sales of the brand’s very first NFT ware, created in cooperation with “X-couture”.
At the venue, an experience-style digital project was carried out utilizing NFC chips provided by KEEPALIVE, leading guests to a press release upon entry, and chips placed near models around the venue to guide guests to NFT sales sites.


Brands utilizing NFC chips
March 16th (Wed.) 16:30 BEDj.w.FORD / Shinpei Yamagishi
By utilizing NFC chips in show invitations, realized minimal invitation.
March 17th (Thurs.) 14:00 yoshiokubo / Yoshio Kubo
Utilizing NFC chips, smoothly provided guests with information, such as collection press release, etc.

●CONVERSE supporting participating designers in shoes
This season, CONVERSE JAPAN CO., LTD., an Official Partner of Rakuten FWT, is providing shoes, mainly their classic ALLSTAR®, to designers presenting physical events.


March 15th (Tues.) 20:00 el conductorH / Shintaro Nagamine
March 16th (Wed.) 20:00 LITTLEBIG / Keita Mawatari
March 19th (Sat.) 11:00 SUGARHILL / Rikuya Hayashi (scheduled to)

●Sound installation by FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO award-winner, Mr. Yusuke Takahashi, of CFCL(15:00~ Physical presentation)
At the Official venue of Omotesando Hills, SPACE O, CFCL presented an installation of a movie on how CFCL items are actually produced and exhibit of the actual collection. In this event, with the cooperation of “Minna-denryoku (UPDATER, Inc.) carbon was offset, exchanging CO2 discharge into credit derived from regenerated energy.


meagratia(18:00~ Online presentation along with a press event at Shibuya Hikarie, COURT)
Under the theme, “Connection with One day”, displayed a collection connecting from the past into the future, with items made by fabrics of past creations cut into strips and woven like knits.
The event was held in the form of a talk session, between the designer, Mr. Takafumi Sekine, and the Art Director of the 2022AW movie.


blackmeans(19:00~ Physical presentation)
As a part of the “Japan Cultural Expo” being promoted by the Japanese Government, blackmeans presented the brand’s very first solo runway show at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie. (host: the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Japan Art Council, JFWO)
In tune to a live music performance by the band, TURTLE ISLAND, based in Aichi prefecture but globally active. Befitting a brand leading Japanese punk culture, they presented a show mainly of leather items.


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