SEP. 02, 2022

Day 5 (Sep. 2)| Event Schedule

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S/S
Day5 | 9/2(Fri)

Starting Today

event RIVERSIDE STORY -Shibuya River-
Artist xiangyu and designer Yoshiki Hanzawa of the fashion brand PERMINUTE have the project called “RIVERSIDE STORY”.This project is that they create costumes using trash found around the Shibuya River.
Date:  September 2(Fri) – 6(Tue),2022
Time:  September 2(Fri) 17:00 – 18:30
          September 3(Sat)-5(Mon) 13:00 – 20:30
          September 6(Tue) 13:00 – 18:30
Venue:  KATA
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of BMW M, a fashion-themed urban event will be held at Roppongi Hills with various activities! Including THE RUNWAY combining M and fashion, THE PARTY filled with the world of M, as well as THE EXPERIENCE(hands-on exhibition events and a museum space for the 50th of M). Witness the moment when the door to the future opens under the new M world. 
Date:  September 2 (Fri) – 4(Sun), 2022
Time:  9September 2 (Fri) 19:45 – 22:30
           September 3 (Sat) – 4(Sun) 12:00 – 20:00
Venue:  Roppongi Hills


In Session

event FUDGE Magazine 2002-2022 Archives
A archive project looking back at the visuals of the fashion magazine FUDGE, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2022. Some back issues of the magazine will be available as a digital magazine exclusively at the venue!
Date:  September 1(Thu)-September 3(Sat),2022
Time:  September 1 (Thu) 15:00 – 19:00
           September 2 (Fri) 11:00 – 20:00
           September 3 (Sat) 11:00 – 17:00
Venue:  hikarie cube 1,2,3
event BE EARTH-FRIENDLY ーFishing net upcycling projectー
The “Fishing Net Upcycling Project”, which is part of DAIWA’s environmental conservation activity “BE EARTH-FRIENDLY”, is a project that aims to create new value and reduce the burden of marine pollution by reborn waste fishing nets into apparel items. Through industry-academia collaboration between the sustainable project of the fishing global brand DAIWA, the specialized educational institution Bunka Gakuen, and Tokyo University of the Arts, we will create a place of creativity required by a new generation.
Date:  September 1(Thu)-September 3(Sat),2022
Time:  September 1 (Thu) 15:30~16:00 (*By appointment only.) 18:00~(Admission is free.)
           September 2 (Fri) 11:00~20:00 (Admission is free.)
           September 3 (Sat)  11:00~18:00 (Admission is free.)
Venue:  Shibuya Hikarie 8F 8/COURT
event Sho_Konishi_Design_Lab Designers Talk
NY based fashion artist Sho Konishi hosts and invites designers from all over the world to discuss about Fashion through online.
Date:  2022年September 1(Thu)~September 3(Sat)
Time:  22:00 – 23:30
Venue:  ZOOM Online Event
NY based fashion artist Sho Konishi hosts and invites designers from all over the world to discuss about Fashion through online.
The brands highly appreciated by overseas market.
The brands newly launched by the designers with solid skill and experience.
The brands continue to be particular about really good quality.
We select those brands with our own sense of trend and intuition.
Date:  August 31(Wed) – September 2(Fri), 2022
Time:  10:00 – 19:00
event Exposition Aurélie Mathigot@Tanagocolotus
The exhibition where you can enjoy art and fashion. French artist Aurélie Mathigot who specializes ceramics, crochet and pictures embroidered on the photographs taken by herself. Having the experiences of the co-productions with Comme des Garçons and Astier de Villatte, she is currently working with Japanese brands. We will exhibit and sell her original works and the products co-produced with N’enuphar at their own store “Tanagocolotus” in Shibuya PARCO.
Date:  August 29(Mon) – October 5 (Wed),2022
Time:  11:00 – 20:00
Venue:  Tanagocolotus in Shiuya PARCOthe 3rd floor
THE MOTEL is concept store based in Tokyo Shimokitazawa. The concept is voyage and the their mission is providing one of a kind item for all customers. It deals in men’s & ladies vintage item and Tokyo new designers products.During Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 S/S ,THE MOTEL pop up “POST VINTAGES” at SHIBUYA PARCO. It select supreme new vintage clothes and Tokyo specialty trousers brand “VALAADO” and truly craftsmanship leather brand “Onemiler & Detrans”.The store owner SEIKO KISHI believes that it is all special one of a kind item and it could be future vintage. The pop up event is certainly worth seeing.
〈BRAND LIST〉 SEIKO KISHI, Onemiler & Detrans, VALAADO, THE MOTEL Select Vintage
Date:  August 25 (Thu) -September 11 (Sun), 2022
Time:  11:00 – 20:00

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