MAR. 23, 2019

Newcomer brand questionnaire | JieDa

Hiroyuki Fujita



Hiroyuki Fujita


Men’s / Ready To Wear, Shoes, Bags, Hats

Brand information / About the designer

―What inspired you to become a fashion designer? Describe developments leading up to the brand launch.

I never intended to become a fashion designer.
When I started my shop, I thought it would be great to have such clothing, and this became my opportunity to make clothing.

―What is the brand’s concept? What do you want to communicate through fashion designing?

Under the concept of neutral, I’d like people to enjoy their own styling as they like, without limiting to a certain genre.

―What is your source of inspiration in creating fashion? What is your process of developing a design concept?

Things, parts of daily life which gets stuck in my filter.

―Who are your current stockists (areas, retail formats, etc.)? Describe the typical followers of your brand.

All the shops which carry my items are full of humanity. They always give me the power and energy to go on.

―Which brands, designers, styles and cultures have had the most impact on your fashion designing, and why?

Early Levi’s RED, and COMIC WONDER.
If I hadn’t encountered this brand approximately 20 years ago, I may not have been as I am today. (laugh)
This was my first encounter with sarouel and big silhouettes.

About 2019 A/W collection

―Why have you chosen Tokyo(Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO) as the venue for presenting your collection?

I chose to do the SHOW, to have even more people acknowledge the brand.

―What is the concept / image for your brand’s 2019 A/W season?

A two-sidedness.

―What is your vision for your show / installation?

That’s still a secret.


―What are your brand’s future outlook and goal?

To strengthen overseas business.


―What does Tokyo represent for you?

The town I work at.

―Which parts / sites of Tokyo do you like most? Why?

Bars at Ueno and Asakusa, because people are drinking from mid-day

―What are your favorite / recommended shops (of any genres, e.g. fashion stores, homeware stores, food services), facilities and sites?

Motsu-yaki (roast giblets) DEN

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