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Conny Groenewegen

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Women's label Conny Groenewegen offers innovation in knitwear. Her signature ‘soft-tech' concept combines modern technology with traditional handwork, while blending a straightforward ‘Dutch' approach with an international appeal and sophistication. The Conny Groenewegen label is nourished by her creativity and ability to develop new techniques and possibilities in fashion -- assuring the best possible materials, quality and integrity in each design. These uncompromising standards require a deep understanding of time, meticulous attention to details and a close working relationship with a network of craftspeople and creative professionals.

Since establishing her brand in 2006 Conny Groenewegen has worked with other international designers and brands such as Alexander van Slobbe, Yoshiki Hishinuma and Droog Design.
With her F/W 2012/13 collection ‘Alchemy' she won the Mercedes-Benz Dutch Fashion Awards ?2011 “The jury was instantly and unanimously convinced by the artistic integrity of this designer who provides the fashion industry with much needed oxygen" Mrs. Fabiana Giacomotti, the Editor-in-chief of Fashion.
Women's / Clothing and others


Ms.Miki Nagai / Ms.Yuko Sakamoto[PR01.]



2013 A/W

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