Privacy Policy

Last revised: June 24, 2019

1.Basic Mindset

The Japan Fashion Week Organization (hereinafter referred to as, "JFW Organization”) collects personal information on visitors of the homepage operated/managed by the JFW Organization ( etc. (*) hereinafter referred to as, the “WEB Site”) whom utilize services offered (sending of blanket e-mails and receiving of various opinions through the online magazine distribution service), through proper means, and handles such personal information appropriately within the scope of its intended use.

2.Scope of Information Collected

  • For use of the online distribution service, we ask for the registration of an e-mail address.
  • When submitting questions/opinions using the WEB Site Inquiry form, filling in of the user’s name/e-mail address is mandatory.
  • When carrying out a questionnaire upon the WEB Site, users may be asked to provide their name, e-mail address, gender, age, and other information, as necessary.

3.Intended Use

  • Information collected in accordance with 2.(1) above shall be used to distribute the online magazine via the online magazine distribution service.
  • Opinions/inquiries collected in accordance with 2. (2) and 2. (3) above shall be used as reference when drafting future policies and creating materials.
    Furthermore, contents/results may be publicized in such a way that any particular individual cannot be identified (with the exception of cases in which disclosure of personal information such as name, has been consented by the user themselves).

4.Restrictions on Use and Provision

With the exception of the below specified cases, the JFW Organization shall not use personal information nor divulge said personal information to third parties (except for consignees of the JFW Organization) for use other than those specified as intended use.

  • When required by law.
  • When the user has given consent or when said information is provided to the user.
  • When it is deemed necessary by the user themselves, the JFW Organization or public agencies in order to protect important interests of the JFW Organization or the public such as life, health or assets.

5.Consigning of personal information

To carry out operations smoothly and to offer better service, the JFW Organization may consign the handling of personal information to partner companies. However, the scope of the information to be consigned will be limited to the bare minimum necessary to carry out the consigned operation.

6.Security Measures

  • With regards to the personal information collected, the JFW Organization will do its best to maintain the most accurate and latest information within the scope necessary to fulfill the intended use, and delete all said personal information as soon as possible, once said use becomes no longer necessary.
  • The JFW Organization shall implement measures required to prevent the leakage, loss or destruction of collected information and to appropriately manage collected information.
  • When consigning the handling of said personal information to organization staff and/or partner companies, the JFW Organization shall implement necessary and appropriate supervision over said organization staff and/or partner company.

7.Disclosure, Correction or Discontinuation of Use of Personal Information

With regards to the personal information collected by the JFW Organization through the WEB Site, users may request the disclosure, correction or discontinuation of use of said personal information in accordance to stipulations in laws and regulations.
Furthermore, registration of the online magazine distribution service may be cancelled at any time, if/when the registered party so desires.

8.Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy shall only apply to the JFW Organization WEB Site (refer to the end of the document).


The JFW Organization can/will revise this Privacy Policy as necessary.

Japan Fashion Week Organization
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Tel:03-3406-5261 Office hours: Mon. – Fri., 10:00-18:00 (except for Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and official holidays designated by JFW Organization)

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Privacy Policy for all EEA applicants/participants

Last revised: June 24, 2019

1.Basic mindset

The Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFW Organization, hereinafter), is constantly working towards the protection of the privacy of all EEA applicants/participants utilizing the homepage ( etc. (※) ‘Site’, hereinafter) operated/managed by JFW Organization. Before you utilize this Site, please be sure to read this privacy policy to the end, carefully.

2.Collected personal information

JFW Organization will, at times, as for the following personal information from users.Name, gender, age, address, contact number, FAX number, email address, name of organization you belong to, photographic portrait, Cookie information, etc.

3.Intent of use

JFW Organization will be utilizing your personal information for the following purposes.

  • To issue the mail magazine as a part of the mail magazine issuing service
  • To answer to inquiries and/or make confirmations
  • For future JFW Organization planning and creation of informational material/data
  • For confirmation, notification of information for interviews during Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (‘Event’, hereinafter), sending of information/materials pertaining to the interview, sending of notices regarding the Event and other related events, along with receiving participation applications

4.Legal grounds

JFW Organization will handle your personal information based on the following legal grounds.

  • Individual agreement of each person to this Privacy Policy
    However, as for photographic portraits, we will require separate individual agreements for JFW Organization to acquire photographic portraits
  • Fulfillment of contract
  • Observance of legal duties which JFW Organization must obey
  • Protection of the legal rights of all individuals and third parties
  • Performing of tasks pertaining to public interest and/or to exercise official powers given to JFW Organization

5.Transfer to areas outside EEA

Your personal information will be stored in Japan by JFW Organization.
If/when personal information is to be transferred to a third country (other than countries/areas acquiring sufficiency certifications) outside Japan/EEA, the transfer will be done under methods concluded in Standard Contractual Clauses.

6.Security, storing term

JFW Organization appropriately appoints necessary technological/organizational security measures to ensure the safety of your personal information.
JFW Organization will store and own your personal information for the term necessary to accomplish “item 3. Purpose of use”, and/or the term designated by law or regulation, and promptly erase all records once use becomes unnecessary.


(1)JFW Organization utilizes Cookie for this Site to function properly.

(2)Cookie is information which is stored on the Site user’s computer browser. JFW Organization utilizes different types of Cookies for different types of purposes.

  • Functional cookies: Cookies necessary for this Site to function properly, including Cookies necessary to create accounts.
  • Analytical cookies: Cookies necessary to acquire information on how users utilize this Site (or part of). These allow the JFW Organization to improve the contents of this Site, in such a way to better fit the users interests and/or issues they find to be important. JFW Organization utilizes the data obtained by Cookie for utilization analysis purposes only.

(3)JFW Organization uses the Cookie of third parties, only for the purpose of improving quality and improving efficacy of this Site.

(4)Most browser are set for Cookie to be effective as the default. By resetting one’s browser, it is possible to make Cookie ineffective or to make it indicate so when sending the Cookie. However please note, if in case the Cookie is made ineffective, there is a possibility that the services offered in the site of JFW Organization and other sites will not function properly.

8.Your rights

You have the right to your personal information stored by JFW Organization, right to access, right to amend, right to erase (right to disregard), right to limit process, right to receive notice on the amendment/erasing/processing of your personal information, data-portability right, and right to object. You also have the right to withdraw your agreement at any time. In such case you wish to exercise any of your rights, please contact the JFW Organization secretariat.


Japan Fashion Week Organization
Daigo-Kano bldg. 8F, 3-26-16 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Tel:03-3406-5261 Office hours: Mon. – Fri., 10:00-18:00 (except for Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, and official holidays designated by JFW Organization)

10.Revisions of this Privacy Policy

For the latest update date of this Privacy Policy, please refer to the “Last revised” indicated at the top of this page. JFW Organization reserves the right to revise the contents of this Private Policy at any time. Revisions in the Privacy Policy become effective when the revised Private Policy becomes accessible by users. Furthermore, please note, JFW Organization will not utilize your personal information for any new use other than those indicated here without your prior agreement.

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