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Designer Profile
Akiko Aoki
Born in 1986 in Tokyo. After graduated the department of fashion creation at Joshi Art University in 2009, she got in to Central Saint Martins in London. After coming back to Japan, she worked for MIKIOSAKABE as a design assistant, and in 2014 set up her own label ”AKIKOAOKI”. She has joined Tokyo Fashion Week officially, and had an exhibition and catwalk show from 2015S/S.

Keisuke Yoshida
Born in 1991, Tokyo.Graduated from literature department of Rikkyo University .
Also a graduate of coconogacco and ESMOD JAPON AMI.
He has started his own brand 'KEISUKE YOSHIDA' from 15aw collection which was shown as a part of 'Tokyo new age' catwalk show.

Kotoha Yokozawa
1991 Born in Nagoya.
After ESMOD Tokyo school graduation, while working as a designer in a major apparel company to attend to the coconogacco. After leave, attended again ESMOD AMI, debut as kotohayokozawa than March of the same year. In addition, Also has served as coconogacoindividual school Advanced course assistant from June.

Ryota Murakami
Birth date:30/6/1988
coconogacco,Tokyo,Japan 2011May-2013 March
Ueda yasuko Fashion College,Osaka,Japn 2007 April-2010 March
(Work Experience)
writtenafterwards 2010 November-2013 February
Chiaki Murakami
Birth date:27/5/1957
married in June of 1987

Soshi Otsuki
Born in 1990, Chiba.
Graduated from Bunka Fashion college and also coconogacco.
Launched his own label 'SoshiOtsuki' in 2015, and his AW15 collection was presented in Tokyo Newage catwalk show.
His first collection was nominated for LVMH Prize for Graduates 2015.
He also participated in the International Fashion Showcase hosted by British fashion council for presenting his work in London.
Brand Profile
AKIKOAOKI / Akiko Aoki
[Established year] 2014
AKIKOAOKI is a womenswear brand which creates a romantic world of the delicate mixed with the nostalgia. Inspired by the sense of fantasy that hides in the reality, AKIKOAOKI presents the feminine and yet classical style ideally for a individual woman.

KEISUKEYOSHIDA / Keisuke Yoshida
[Established year] 2015
Japanese youth that is not really identified whether it’s dark or bright, and the fashion.
There was no meaning at all in the emotional distresses that arose during adolescence, somehow they has been remaining like a stationary fog.
KEISUKEYOSHIDA presents the world of teenagers and their youth and its bittersweet rights of passage.

kotohayokozawa / Kotoha Yokozawa
[Established year] 2015
Expand womenswear was "that it did not fit into the day-to-day not anything" concept.

RYOTAMURAKAMI / Ryota Murakami & Chiaki Murakami
[Established year] 1990
Ryota is a son and Chiaki is a mother. Fashion brand Ryota Murakami
was started when son asked for his mother's help as he was stuck in
his idea. After that time, they work together as a design duo.
2013: Zetsumei exhibition at Shibuya Parco.
2013: Costume design for Japanese idol Denpa-gumi.
2014: Window display at la Rinascente in Milan.
2014: Selected as a finalist of ITS 2014
2014: rooms exhibition at Tokyo.
2014: 2015 spring/summer collection in Tokyo collection
2014: Second prize at TOKYO DESIGNERS WEEK2014

SoshiOtsuki / Soshi Otsuki
[Established year] 2015
His personality and approach comes from interest in Japanese classical performing arts which he was fascinated throughout his youth, he transformed that idea of Japanese traditions into fashion with detailed craftsmanship for tailoring technique.

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AKIKOAOKI: Women’s / Ready To Wear
KEISUKEYOSHIDA: Men's & Women's / Ready To Wear
kotohayokozawa: Women's / Ready To Wear
RYOTAMURAKAMI: Men's & Women's / Ready To Wear
SoshiOtsuki: Women’s / Ready To Wear





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