As part of the project to globally transmit production companies supporting Japan's fiber fashion industry "THIS IS MY PARTNER," a "Textile Yellow Pages" launched.
This project should be beneficial to a wide group of people, from designers searching for factories to students interested in production companies.


Venues including shows, installations, exhibitions, and events related to Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO, as well as shops, commercial facilities, and restaurants recommended by people in the fashion industry will be introduced.


Stylists, fashion directors, and noted shop and media-related parties from Japan and abroad will propose styles focused on Japanese brand items that give off an air of “Tokyo”.


People supporting the Japanese local textile industry will write blogs to introduce behind-the-scenes information related to Japanese manufacturing. Aside from these people, journalists thoroughly familiar with local production areas and related parties from events focused on manufacturing will also participate as bloggers.


Popular street snap websites, and are each periodically updating snap shots.

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