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Isetan Mitsukoshi cheers up Japan with promotions of Japanese creations at the three main stores; Isetan Shinjuku, Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Mitsukoshi Ginza. Through this promotion, we hope to provide customers the chance to rediscover new values of Japanese creations.

Isetan Shinjuku: "Japan Museum" to feel Japanese creators' past and present.
Mitsukoshi Nihombashi: collaboration of Japanese traditional material and craftsmanship by Japanese creators.
Mitsukoshi Ginza: "Ginza Fashion Week" collaboration with Matsuya Ginza store.

Date & Time March 28 (Wed) - April 10 (Tue), 2012 10:00-20:00
Venue Isetan Shinjuku
Mitsukoshi Nihombashi
Mitsukoshi Ginza
Organizer Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd.
Contact Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. Merchandising Head Quarters
Mr. Jun Inoue
Tel +81 (80) 2113-1555 / +81 (3) 3274-8133
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