Collaboration with the Town

Sweets Runway vol.5
[Collaboration with the Town]

In accordance with the theme of "Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2012-13 A/W", you will be able to enjoy a collection of limited edition sweets in the sweets shop and cafes around the main hall. The theme for the 2012-13 A/W collection is "Heart". Many unique ideas will be able to take out. Enjoy sweets together!

Date & Time March 18 (Sun) – 25 (Sun), 2012
Venue Tokyo Midtown & Mercedes-Benz Connection

Tokyo Midtown

  • Sweets Runway vol.5 PLAZA B1F


    "Heart Ginger man"

    Spicy Gingerbread Man biscuits wearing clothes featuring a cute love-heart motif. These are decorative biscuits that are pleasing to the eyes as well as the mouth.

  • Sweets Runway vol.5 GALLERIA B1F

    SAKE SHOP Fukumitsuya

    "sakekasu madeleine"

    Madeleine baked from dough that contains fragrant Sakekasu (sake lees) for bouncy texture. This is a unique pastry with the aroma of Sakekasu and butter, a combination only a sake brewer could have come up with.

  • Sweets Runway vol.5 GALLERIA B1F

    Jean-Paul Hevin

    "Boîte passion [4 cœurs] "

    Four pieces of colorful love-heart shaped chocolate in a box. The packaging features the streetscape of Paris.

  • Sweets Runway vol.5 GALLERIA B1F


    "Macha Muffin"

    A love-heart shaped muffin baked from dough that contains premium Matcha tea powder by Kyo-Hayashiya. The love-heart shape is also prominently featured in the packaging. Only 300 muffins are on offer only during the Sweets Runway period.

  • Sweets Runway vol.5 PLAZA B1F

    Madison Park Cafe

    " Marshmallow coolie set
    [Large and Small cookies] "


    Sugar-free healthy cookies that sandwich marshmallow. They are a perfect accompaniment to coffee. The subdued sweetness makes it an ideal snack when you feel peckish.

  • Sweets Runway vol.5 GALLERIA B1F


    "Chocolate Shortcake"

    Chocolate-flavored gluten-free sponge cake with fresh cream in subtle sweetness. This is a love-heart shaped shortcake topped with a generous amount of strawberries and other berries.

  • Sweets Runway vol.5 GALLERIA B1F



    This Japanese confectionary is designed after a poem in the Kokinshu (A Collection of Poems Ancient and Modern) that goes, "Seen from a distance, willows and cherry blossoms, all intermingled; the imperial city, in truth a springtime brocade". The "brocade of the imperial city" is represented with green threads of bean paste, which remind you of young willow leaves, topped with sprinkles of red bean jelly in the shape of cherry blossom. This confectionary symbolizes the ancient city of Kyoto in mid spring.

  • Sweets Runway vol.5 PLAZA B1F


    "Berry's Heart Pancake"

    Fresh berry pancakes, the most popular item at yao_ESTAbLISH, are decorated with love-heart toppings. The soft and bouncy dough works well with cream cheese and refreshing tanginess of fresh berries. Even adults can savor the delicate combination of flavors.

Mercedes-Benz Connection

  • Sweets Runway vol.5


    "Mercedes-Benz Doughnut Set"

    Sweets Runway's café latte with special love-heart latte art to warm up your mind and body, combined with a Mercedes-Benz-themed moist cake doughnut containing a generous amount of premium Valrhona chocolate from France. The doughnut with silky texture provides a perfect accompaniment to the latte.

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