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Nihonbashi Haru Sakura Weeks
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Sakura, a special flower for Japanese, is elegant and gorgeouse indeed. There are a lot of famous Sakura viewing spots in Japan and one of them is Nihombashi. During Nihombashi・Haru・Sakura Weeks, Kimono fashion show and other related events will be held. Please check the website.

Date&Time March 13 (Wed) – April 9 (Tue), 2013
Venue Nihombashi

【Main Events】
Kimono Fashion Show
Date&Time / Venue March 20(Wed, Holiday), 2013
[1st show]
14:00- Takashimaya Nihombashi Store 1F / 14:45- Nihonbashi Mitsui Atrium 1F
[2nd show]
16:00- Takashimaya Nihombashi Store 1F / 16:45- Nihonbashi Mitsui Atrium 1F

Sakura ― Spring Scent Exhibition
Date March 20 (Wed, Holiday) - March 24 (Sun), 2013
Venue Nihonbashi Mitsui Atrium 1F

Organizer Nihonbashi Haru Sakura Weeks Executive Committee / "Nihonbashi" Preservation Society
Special Sponsor Mitsui Fudosan Co.,Ltd
Sponsor Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Main Store / Takashimaya Nihombashi Store / YUITO / COREDO Nihonbashi / Wamiles Cosmetics Inc.
Supporter Japan Fashion Week Organization
Cooperation Nihonbashi Renaissance 100th Anniversary Committee / Tokyo All Fashion Society / Tokyo Kimono Association
Costume Takashimaya
Makeup Wamiles Lasting Beauty
Hair air
Production SUN Design Institute.
Contact SUN Design Institute
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