MAR. 14, 2013

What do you think we think you think that we think of you. Come and see!

[Information from Wien Products]
3 Accessories designers representing the modern Viennese designs which won popular in their past ten years, also hold party in VACANT. The event venue is reproduced like the big living room in an apartment, in Vienna.
Anybody can wear them in the space, and be taken own snap shots by photographer. Showing the photos in our official site.

Official Web Site is here.

■Date & Time
March 20(Wed), 2013  12:00-21:00
March 21(Thu), 2013  12:00-18:00
March 22(Fri), 2013  12:00-18:00

March 21(Thu), 2013  18:00~21:00


Wien Products

■Sponsors / Supporters

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Akira HORIUCHI[eyeheight]
THE SCAPE(R) 4-4-6 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo150-0011 Japan
Tel +81-90-5209-8660

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