SEP. 16, 2013

“BODY WILD” A/W 2013 collection directed by Satoru Tanaka

[Announcement by Gunze Ltd.]

Hiroki Narimiya selected as the campaign model for Body Wild for the A/W 2013 season
Launching the A/W collection with even more powerful designs including high-fashion print boxer briefs

Gunze Ltd. is releasing trendy and sophisticated print boxer briefs as part of the A/W 2013 collection of its brand “BODY WILD”, which offers a collection of cool and comfortable undergarments that suit diverse lifestyles and scenes.
Under the key concept of “Beautiful Body, Wild heart”, BODY WILD’s A/W2013 collection offers print items infused with the feel of street fashion.

In the autumn of 2012, BODY WILD welcomed Satoru Tanaka as the creative director for added fashion sense to complement the comfortable fit and technical application the brand is known for.
For the A/W 2013 collection, the brand has selected the actor Hiroki Narimiya as the campaign model.  The creative director Satoru Tanaka has personally handled visual materials for posters, video, etc. to present the appeals of Narimiya as well as BODY WILD’s cool and refined sophistication.

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