SEP. 21, 2018

AmazonFWT 2019 S/S | Key visual, all cuts & video open to view


All cuts and video of the Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO 2019 S/S key visual are open for viewing.

Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO 2019 S/S
Key Visual

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Desires
(Japanese: 欲望を、恥じるな。)


■Art Director / Graphic Designer
Keiichiro Oshima
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Design. After working in several design offices, and entering the SUN-AD Company Limited, he then took part in the establishing of Uchu Country (Space Country) Limited. He has been an active freelance designer from 2006 and has participated in the core of visual direction for commercial complexes such as “LUMINE” and “Shibuya Hikarie”. He has also worked on the CD jacket design for Akiko Yano, the logotype and editorial design for the fashion magazine “SO-EN”. Using photographs as the center for his graphic designs, he specializes in humorous visual expressions. His professional career as an art director/graphic designer is wide ranging and includes advertisement, fashion, music, and commercial art.

Kazunali Tajima (MILD)

■Video Director
Takeshi Nakamura (CAVIAR)

■Copy Writer
Aya Iwasaki (SUN-AD)

Kumiko Iijima (IUGO)

■Costume Designer
Seiran Tsuno

■Hair & Make-up Artist
Kenji Toyota (SHISEIDO)

■Nail Artist
Nozomi Onda (SHISEIDO)

KIKO ARAI (donna)

■Set Designer

■Graphic Designer
Akari Sakamoto

Mamoru Inagaki (GEEK PICTURES)

■Project Manager
Koji Kuroki (IUGO)

■Copy Translator
Hiroyuki Takagi

*Wardrobe: Tights & Bodysuit by Kiwanda,Ring by Géodésique

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