FEB. 14, 2023

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 A/W Introducing the Key Visual

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 A/W
Visual concept is: Wearing Tokyo.
Presenting the key visual appointing Gendai, a male model gathering global attention

The key visual concept of the 2023 A/W season is, “Wearing Tokyo”. Now that the world is beginning to move dynamically, what is the role that RakutenFWT should shoulder? Rather than restricting to a narrow meaning of fashion, we, as a representative of Tokyo culture, wish to appeal the “now of Tokyo”/raise the “magnetic force of Tokyo itself” through RakutenFWT. Through this wish, we developed this concept. It is a visual expression overlaying sights of Tokyo compared to clothing patterns on Mr. Gendai, a Japanese model active in worldwide stages.

Key visual _ Japanese version

Key visual _ English version

Along with the key visual, we have developed an original typography, designing the “Fashion Week TOKYO” name itself into a sight of Tokyo. “Tokyo tower”, the symbol of Tokyo, “Nakagin capsule tower”, a landmark representing Tokyo, “Kabukicho Ichibangai arch”, the energy of Tokyo, along with signals and manhole covers, color cones of construction sites symbolizing redevelopment, etc. Each letter is shaped in sights of Tokyo.


Production Staff
● Photographer: Chikashi Suzuki

Born in 1972. Moved to France in 1998. Started his career as a photographer of the magazine, ‘Purple’.
Engaged in shooting for various foreign and domestic magazines, along with commercials of ISSEYMIYAKE, TOGA, CEBIT, GUCCI, etc.

Major group exhibits:
1998, COLETTE (Paris/France)
2001, MOCA (Los Angles/U.S.)
2001, HENRY ART GALLERY (Washington/U.S.)

Major individual exhibits:
2005, TREES ARE SO SPECIAL (Tokyo/Japan)
2009, G/PGALLERY (Tokyo/Japan)
2018/2019/2020, KOSAKU KANECHIKA (Tokyo/Japan)

2005 ‘shapes of blooming’ (TREES ARE SO SPECIAL)
2008 ‘Driving with Rinko Kikuchi’ (THE INTERNATIONAL)
2020 ‘ShinTokyo’ (apb)

● Model: Gendai

Born in 2000, at Tokyo. Debut as a model in 2021, while still a university student.
Appearing in Japanese attention gathering brands, such as MameKurogouchi、SUGARHILL, etc., along with shows of RAF SIMONS, ACNE STUDIOS, look shots of YSL, etc.
Presently based in both Japan and Paris.

● Other staff
CD: Shunsuke Kaga
CW: Sayaka Arimoto
AD: Mai Shibatani
PJTPR: Kota Yabana/Shun Akiyama/Akina Masuno
D: Toshinori Oobuchi/Chikara Fujiwara/Misa Hyodo
CP: Yumeno Suzuki / PR:Yumuna Meguro
PH/CA/Dir: Chikashi Suzuki
Ret: Takuya Tsugane
Costume: Yoshikazu Yamagata (writtenafterwards)
STY: Shotaro Yamaguchi
Make-up: Dash
ED: Ryo Koshimizu
Music: Cwondo

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