MAR. 20, 2023

Closing of the “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 A/W” season

“Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (hereinafter indicated as Rakuten FWT) 2023 A/W” (governing body: the Japan Fashion Week Organization, hereinafter indicated as JFWO), was held, mainly at the main venues of Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills, between March 13th (Mon.) ~ March 18th (Sat.), with shows and installations by a total of 58 brands.

Of the 58 brands (55 presentations), 42 presented physically, 16 presented digitally, with 17 first-time participants and 6 brands participating from various locations around the world.

This season again, “by R”, the support program of our title sponsor, Rakuten Inc. (hereinafter indicated Rakuten), to support Japanese fashion brands, was carried out. Through this, Chika Kisada and TAKAHIROIYASHITATheSoloist. participated, bringing about grave reactions.

Chika Kiasda


This year, with “with Corona” becoming the default of the times, based on the new format of “fusing of digital and physical” and “the strengthening of power to transmit globally” cultivated during the pandemic, the Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 A/W season has started to turn the rudder towards a new stage for further progress.
As the dawning of such, an opening ceremony was held. In which, a vigorous physical transaction could be felt. Furthermore, via an announcement from the government, as of March 13th (Mon.), wearing of masks became entrusted to each individual, backing the strong feel of liberation even more.

In addition, on March 11th (Sat.), a pre-event party held jointly with TOKYO CREATIVE SALON (hereinafter indicated as TCS) with whom we linked partially in effort to strengthen our power of transmission to the public, made it a season in which the revival of transactions among people and excitement could be felt strongly, even before the term started.

Key points of the 2023 A/W season
( 1 ) Liveliness returning to Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 A/W

■ March 13th (Mon.) Opening Ceremony
Breaking away from a cooped up feeling of holding the event amid the corona pandemic, and with a sense of liberation, appealed the existence of a further enhanced fashion week of Tokyo to the world. After the show of IRENISA, who was the top batter to start off the 2023 A/W season on the first day of the term, an opening ceremony was held.


A scene from the kagami-biraki (Japanese traditional celebrative opening of a sake barrel using a pestle) of the Official sake, “Dassai”: left to right, JFWO Secretary-General, Hiroshi Komoda, ‘SULVAM’ designer, Teppei Fujita, Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd. CEO, Kazuhiro Sakurai, JFWO Chief Director, Masahiko Miyake, Actress/talent, Neru Nagahama


With Neru Nagahama, who continued to enliven the fashion week as the SDGs reporter for three consecutive seasons during the corona pandemic, the Secretary-General, Mr. Komoda acted as host to expedite the ceremony. In the ceremony, along with a comment from the designer of IRENISA, TFA judge, Mr. Nick Wooster (left), actor, Mr. Shuhei Uesugi (middle), actress/model, Ms. Airi Matsui (right), made an appearance wearing IRENISA collection pieces, as special guests. In addition, award-winner of the first TFA in 2015, Mr. Teppei Fujita, designer of “SULVAM”, made an appearance to show support.

■ March 11th (Sat.) Carrying out of Re-Designing TOKYO Night Culture powered by Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO × TOKYO CREATIVE SALON
Ahead of the linking of “TOKYO CREATIVE SALON” (※1), a festival of fashion and design, with “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO” which transmits the latest in Japanese creations to the world, in effort to enliven the Tokyo fashion scene, a joint invitation-only opening reception was held at OR at Miyashita Park,. Furthermore, at the same time, a free-entry, circuit style party was held at two clubs, namely ENTER shibuya and Fuminyuugi Lion.
(※1) TOKYO CREATIVE SALON: A project-style creative event, gathering fashion, art, music, food, culture, etc. events of several areas in unison, with regions and private corporations working together in cooperation.



This season, Rakuten FWT partly linked its efforts with “TOKYO CREATIVE SALON” (hereinafter indicated as TCS), with some Rakuten FWT participants presenting a show in “TOKYO PEACE FASHION SHOW” (runways shows held at various locations within Tokyo) during our on-schedule term.


MEGMIURA WARDROBE (Shibuya station, west exit,underground plaza)


( 2 ) Support for designers

“FETICO”, the grand-prix award-winning brand of the “JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD 2023”, Physical division, a new brand support program launched by JFWO in the 2023 S/S season, presented a runway show at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, on March 17th (Fri.), 11:00~. It was a collection inspired by bold, carefree, happy-go-lucky women, with unique atmospheres. In addition, a 2023 A/W COLLECTION EXHIBITION by Special Recognition Award winning brands, “HAENGNAE” and “natsumiosawa” was held at Shibuya Hikarie, 8F, CUBE, for three days between March 16th (Thurs.) ~ March 18th (Sat.).







■ The digital division, the “JFW DIGITAL GRAND PRIX” and brands presenting digitally
This season, towards 14 brands presenting digitally who expressed will to participate in this project, the digital division of the “JFW DIGITAL GRAND PRIX” was continued. The grand-prix will be selected by qualitative assessment of work/expressionism (artistry) by the screening committee, along with viewing frequency in the Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO Official YouTube account (during a selected time period), with the grand-prix winner scheduled to be announced around mid-April. This award is aimed at providing support and gathering further attention to brands participating with digital presentations.

■ Triumphant return presentation of collections by “FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2023” and “TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2023” award-winners
・An installation was presented by “TOMO KOIZUMI”, by designer Tomotaka Koizumi, award-winning designer of the FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2023, on March 17th (Fri.) 14:30~, at the Official venue of Omotesando Hills, B3F, SPACE O, as a triumphant return event. At the venue, collection pieces from his presentations at Paris and Milan were exhibited, along with a showing of a movie of his Milan runway show, with the designer himself explaining the new materials and details he incorporated. Presented at the center of the venue was a unique collection piece adorned with decorations used in past POP-UPs.



・Collection presentations by all eight “TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2023” award-winning brands were held at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie.

IRENISA March 13th, 11:30~


KHOKI March 13th, 18:00~


TENDER PERSON March 15th, 12:00~


VIVIANO March 15th, 19:00~


AKIKOAOKI March 16th, 19:00~


FETICO March 17th, 11:00~


INSCRIRE March 17th, 17:30~


TANAKA March 18th, 19:00~

( 3 ) Strengthening of digital transmissions
■ Live streaming / disclosed on YOU TUBE

In continuation from last season, in the 23 A/W again, presentation contents of all participating brands have been notified on the Official WEB site, along with live streaming of physical presentations for all brands wishing it. All archive videos can be viewed at the below YouTube channel.

■ Rolling out the season key visual, “Wearing Tokyo”
In the 2023 A/W season, under the concept of “Wearing Tokyo”, a key visual appointing the globally attention gathering model, Gendai, was created. Now that the world is beginning to move again dynamically, rather than restricting to a narrow meaning of fashion, we, Rakuten FWT, as a representative of Tokyo culture, wishes to appeal the “now of Tokyo”. This wish is expressed by overlaying sights of Tokyo as clothing patterns on the model, Gendai. We also developed an original typography, designing each letter of “Fashion Week TOKYO” with sights of Tokyo (Tokyo Tower, Nakagin capsule tower, color cones of construction sites symbolizing redevelopment, etc.)

■ Continuation of “DIGITAL VOICE”
The “RECOMMEND” project which was received well in past seasons, in which looks and/or attention gathering points of each brand is introduced directly in recommendation form by fashionistas representing Japan and overseas, was continually carried out again in the 2023 A/W season.
Furthermore, as a new effort of this season, the “MY RUNWAY” project in which the street photographer, mitograph, took snaps of scenes from physical shows and guests, was also carried out, and disclosed in the Rakuten FWT Official SNS account.



( 4 ) The “SDGs that fashion can do” project
■ Carrying out of the SDGs event, “A sustainable story played by ZERO-TEX®”

As part of the “SDGs that fashion can do” project that JFW has been carrying out since the 22 S/S season, in this 23 A/W season, “A sustainable story played by ZERO-TEX® ~ the building of a fashion industry that can be enjoyed for 100 years to come” was held for three days between March 16th (Thurs.) ~ March 18th (Sat.), at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, 8F, 8/COURT. At the venue, a movie concerning the sustainable story of ZERO-TEX and objects were shown, along with an exhibit titled “Clothes that respect individuality, and can be worn for years to come”, exhibiting a collection created by three future designers (Chieko Ikegami / Yuri Ikegaya / Risa Fugetsu) presently studying at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology, NY), entrusted with presenting the possibilities of “ZERO-TEX®”, a textile which Japan prides. Furthermore, on the first day of the event, as an official event of Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2023 A/W, a talk session titled “sustainability and education in the fashion business” took place. In the talk session, the three FIT students x Mr. Akihide Nishikawa (developer of ZERO-TEX®/CEO of Yamagin inc.) welcomed Mr. Sho Konishi, a designer presently residing in NY/sustainability researcher, as a special guest, to talk about things he learned, realized through his studies of “fashion” at NY and Paris, experiences at the competitions he challenged, how sustainability should be in the fashion industry from hereon, etc.


( 5 ) Providing overseas media with information/materials & inviting of overseas guests
■ Linking with AgenceFrance-Presse (AFP) MediaConnect

With the aim to strengthen overseas transmission of information/materials, we appointed “MediaConnect”, a PR platform operated by a subsidiary of AFP, launched in Japan for the first time this year, as an OFFICIAL MEDIA PARTNER. “MediaConnect” is a cutting-edge platform that connects information specialists, such as media, journalists, etc. to PR personnel of institutions, corporations, organizations. By utilizing “MediaConnect”, we realized smooth transmission of information/materials to Europe and around the globe.
report2023aw_08 organization/?lang=en

Also, as last season, Mr. Nick Wooster, judge of TFA, traveled to Japan for the event, and energetically observed the whole event, from attending the opening ceremony to the last day.

Chauffer car provided by: BMW Japan

Mr. Nick Wooster
WOOSTER CONSULTING, Founder / Creative Director

( 6 ) Related events as a fashion week enjoyed by all
■ Special trial film preview of the movie “Wearing the transition of time” of matohu

On March 14th (Tues.), as a related event of JFW, at the Official venue of Omotesando Hills, B3F, Space O, a special trial film preview of the art/documentary movie, “Wearing the transition of time”, depicting the essence of transient beauty and philosophy in creation through the creations of matohu, was shown. This was a preview inviting general guests, prior to the movie’s premier on March 25th (Sat.) at Theater Image Forum in Shibuya, and nationwide roadshow thereafter.


A joint exhibition of top recommended brands selected by AMBIENT CO., LTD., starting with ANT-AID, was held between March 13th (Mon.) ~ March 15th (Wed.), at Shibuya Hikarie, 8F, 8/COURT and CUB 1, 2, 3.

In this 2023 A/W season, physical shows increased to 70% of all presentations, making this the kind of energetic, enlivened event that has been long awaited by fans and related people of participating brands. Starting with this season, based on the new format we have cultivated through the pandemic, we will progress further towards a new stage. As a gateway to success for capable new-comers, we intend to keep supporting and transmitting surely, talent that has the potential to fly out into the world with just a little push, enough capability to go global, all sorts of abilities, both nationwide and worldwide.

The next, “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 S/S” will be held between August 28th (Mon.) 2023 ~ September 2nd (Sat.). We kindly ask for your continued attention and cooperation.

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