MAR. 12, 2024

RakutenFWT 2024 A/W | Day 2 Report

“Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO(Rakuten FWT)2024 A/W” (governing body: Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO),welcomed its second day, today.

Gracing the runway as the last show of the first day of the term was TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2023 award-winning brand, “TANAKA”, participating for the first time since 23 AW, presenting a physical show.

In 24 AW, under the theme of “WINGS”, presented were “is the collection that finding infinite possibilities in the denim which is a symbol of “Freedom” without conventional wisdom nor style, we will create cloth that will shape the next 100 years. Presented was a collection worthy of the second phase of TANAKA, who flags being a brand that creates “clothes that go beyond time or gender”.

Topping off the second day was “FAF” (12:00~) Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A


The second day of this term started out with the triumphant return event of the “TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2024” award-winning brand, “FAF”. This being not only their first time to participate in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO, but also the brand’s very first runway presentation, the theme of 24 AW was “Recirculation”.

Reexamining past designs, patterns, specification, and then refining, updating, they presented a collection “recirculating” their fundamental essence.

Online presentation by “HOLO MARKET” (13:30~)


Continuing on from last season, HOLO MARKET focused on the brand’s identity, such as “co-existing with nature, encounter with furniture and/or buildings, quest for the unknown by travelling”. Although based on universal military and workwear, presented was a collection full of playfulness within a relaxed ambience and an image of high quality, through the use of delicate materials and bold color pallets.

HOUGA” (15:00~)

HOUGA presented a show at the Official venue of Omotesando Hills, Space O. Under the theme of “Modest Adventure”, they suggested “functional clothes for the heart”, to affirm oneself and survive this diversifying modern society. With colors based in khaki, black, light gray expressing the challenges of an adventurer, grass-green and pink expressing dainty flowers, white expressing quiet state of affairs, they presented dress pieces made to enjoy fashion.


This season, many popular, capable brands who have gathered attention through awards and support programs are participating.

Among which, “HARUNOBUMURATA” (TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2022 award-winning brand), who has been participating in Rakuten FWT consecutively, and has been gathering attention constantly, presented a show at jing in Harajuku.

Presented was a collection created under the theme of “THREE FARMERS ON THEIR WAY TO A DANCE”, inspired by an abstract photograph by photographer, AUGUST SANDER.

※Except for those indicated otherwise, all photos are ©JFWO.

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