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MAPPY is a 13 year-old fashion blogger that has caught the attention of the media.

She stirred a large reaction in the fashion media and SNS after visiting Hikarie Hall, an official event space for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO 2014-15 A/W in March of this year. MAPPY came to MBFWT 2015 S/S in October and we talked with her about her impression of the show, fashion and who and what, she’s interested in lately.


Tell us about what you wore to the MBFWT 2015 S/S.


I just happened to find a “sukajan” (embroidered satin baseball jacket) in a used clothes store the day before and the color just struck me; it was my size as well so I decided to wear it to the MBFWT!

The juxtaposition of the tight tweed skirt with the loose high school uniform socks is the key to the outfit. I’ve been interviewed recently about how I coordinate my day-to-day clothes, so I’m trying not to wear the same things over again. But, I do have a lot of Tokyo Bopper shoes . Most of the clothes I buy are used clothes, but I love Tokyo Bopper shoes so I save my money to buy them.

The sukajan is a little lame, right?! (laugh). I wanted to convey a combination of lame and cute by matching it with the cute girly skirt and school uniform socks. I wanted an outfit that gets your attention quickly.



With Sota Yamaguchi @KORI-SHOW

On this day too I wore something audacious on top with this jacket. I mixed a lame 50’s jacket with torn up jeans. I love this style!

My shoes are from Tokyo Bopper and my theme color for the day was gray.

The “lame” used bag with the fake jewels on the outside is the focal point of the outfit.

And, that’s a ribbon brooch, not a bowtie. I added that because the outfit was missing something.

Give us your impressions of each show and tell us what items got your attention.



First of all, the show was wild! I was surprised to see the tatami mats on the runway and the live music just made the atmosphere cool and exciting.

The motif of the show was “Japanese” and the first model came down the tatami runway with Japanese sandals in her hands, and then she put them on and walked back, it was really exciting.

A lot of unique Japanese symbolism was used such as festivals, masks, Mt. Fuji, and many animal motifs, so I was excited to see what was going to come out next, it was busy but a lot of fun. I think I could watch it over and over again without getting bored.

The models were all very cute.



FACTOTUM was cool all around.

The colorful patterned garments are wonderful even for girls to wear!

I thought the combining of different garments like the style with the riders jacket and the loose pants looked great.

The music was fantastic as well!



Very girly, I think all girls will like this.

The balance with the short pants is great! I like this jacket too. And, the design is very cute.

The overall color scheme is pretty and the balance of the outfits is great. The live music really helped to pump up the audience.

The designer was inspired by the manga “Urusei Yatsura” so if you watch the show with that in mind you’ll get more out of it.

The lightening marks, etc. were very rock’n roll and fit with the current fad, and I think girls will start incorporating this into their outfits. The mini backpack will surely catch on!

The makeup of the models was also very cute.



The colors were so cute! Pastels for men.

I liked the way the mesh and different materials were used for the hoods, and I also liked the accent colors.

The combination with the umbrella had a cuteness factor that was indescribable.

The jacket with the printed landscape painting would look good on Nick (Wooster).



The outfits were very mode, this felt like a real fashion show.

The crisp silhouettes of the shirts and the different materials were great.

The use of unconventional footwear, like mixing dresses with sneakers, etc., was a great departure from the norm, I like that.

It is interesting to see how even if the colors are the same the use of different materials gives the appearance that they aren’t.



I loved the ladies outfits by Toga from before, but this time, I was interested to see what the men’s fashions would be like.

The motif was “Native American” and I loved it. The design and styling of each item was really cool.

And, the shoes were totally cute!

I loved the concho and turquoise.

There are men’s fashions but I wanted to wear them all!



Top: With Tommy Ton
Bottom: With Misha Janette

Was there anything outside of the shows that grabbed your attention?

A lot more people were coming up to me this time and asking me if they could take pictures. I met a lot of great people who came over to me at the Sretsis show. And, MR. GENTLEMAN’s cream puff (laugh).


Last time you came you met Misha Janette and Rei Shito, did you meet anyone this time?

I ran into Sayo Nagase, my favorite photographer and got a picture taken with her. She was even more beautiful in person! I also met the people from How Two Live and also Tommy Ton which made me love them. It is also great to be able to see Misha, Ms. Shito and Yu Masui again.

Is there anybody or anything you’ve got your eye on?

I’m not very influenced by other people, but I saw a brand on Instagram called SOMEWHERE NOWHEREthat has my interest.

And, I also look at LYLEXOX’s  account a lot. He does all the makeup himself!

I’d also someday like to meet Ms. Yoshie, a designer for Candy Stripper.


Where do you get your hip wardrobe ideas from?

I don’t consider them new ideas per se, rather expressions of what I already have inside me. Call it intuition, or just how I feel at that particular moment,…I don’t think too deeply about it. But, I do always base my outfit on something, such as “mode”, or “the 60’s”, or “used clothes”, something I like.

Since I’m writing a blog I tend to be up on all the latest trends, but I don’t incorporate them into my outfits.



Has much changed since you started using SNS such as Instagram and Twitter in addition to your blog? And, is there anything that you would like to try?



I started using Instagram nonchalantly with my friends and I can’t believe how much my site has caught on.

I used to not have many opportunities to show people what I was wearing but now through my blog and Twitter  I’ve met many more people and have more opportunities to show how I coordinate my outfits. I’ve always looked at the collection magazines but now that I’m actually being invited to attend MBFWT, I’m looking and remembering the names of brands and designers with a more careful eye. It’s such a dream come true to be able to wear clothes from brands that I absolutely love for photo shoots!

I never thought I’d be involved in fashion this much and it’s really changed my life.


Could you tell me what you think about Tokyo fashion and what you would change, if anything, to make it more enjoyable?

I feel like there are a lot of people who are wearing the same thing. And I always think to myself, “it’s fashion, you should let go a little more!”

There are many people love Tokyo fashion, and that’s great, but I would like to see them put a little more of themselves into their outfits. You shouldn’t worry about what other people think or be fearful about sticking out, I think you should show who you are and enjoy fashion.



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