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Satoshi Ogawa

Satoshi Ogawa

Satoshi Ogawa DESIGNER

Born in Tokyo.
Satoshi Ogawa is a costume designer for movies and artists and established FORSOMEONE in 2018.
FORSOMEONE launched its first full line collection in A/W 2018, started to show the S/S 2020 in Paris and held their first runway show of A/W 2020 in Tokyo.

 FORESOMEONE, who was scheduled to present their first runway show of their 2020 A/W collection, was forced to switch to a digital presentation with no audience, due to influences of COVID-19.  Their up-coming 21 A/W collection will be presented at Fashion Week TOKYO, in a long-awaited runway show format, with an audience.  We interviewed Mr. Satoshi Ogawa, who is the representative of LDH apparel, along with being the designer and founder of FORESOMEONE, on his fervor towards presenting the show, the future of the brand, etc.


− Please tell us how you came to launch FORSOMEONE, despite being the representative of LDH apparel.

Since I was in my 20’s, I’ve been handling the costume design of artists belonging to LDH, such as EXILE, J SOUL BROTHERS III, etc., and even now, I supervise the costumes of LDH artists, mainly that of live performances, stages, etc.  Because they present rigorous performances, their costumes require not only fashionability, but also functionality and mobility to accommodate their movement.  Such costumes have improved moveability from not only the textiles used, but also through patterns and tailoring, which I felt to have the possibility of expanding into ready-made clothes.  Costumes are basically order-made, but I wanted to make clothes for the people around me, utilizing the experiences I’ve cultivate through making costumes, so as a daily-wear brand, I launched ‘FORSOMEONE’ in the 2018 A/W season.




− You’ve done an exhibition overseas in the 2020 S/S season, haven’t you?

We did an exhibition at Paris by invitation from Mr. Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi.  This brand aims for a personal branding, which, in a good sense, is unlike LDH.  A separation between what the brand wishes to express and what LDH fans want cannot be avoided, so it is our wish to deliver our clothes to those people who genuinely like the brand.  In overseas, people see the brand without any preconceptions.  We decided to do the exhibition because we wanted to utilize it as an opportunity to plan our strategy, by battling in such neutral grounds.  Due to influences of COVID-19, we haven’t had the opportunity to do any overseas presentations since then, but our aim is always global, and our wish is to become a brand that is acknowledged worldwide.


− In the sense of making a presentation, you participated in Fashion Week TOKYO for the first time with your 2020 A/W collection.  Looking back at it now, how was your first time?

At the time, I wasn’t sure whether or not I should do a show.  We did it, but at the last minute, we switched to a digital transmission of a no-audience show.  Due to influences of COVID-19, we couldn’t hold our exhibition fully in the form we had planned which influenced our wholesale, but doing the show raised the brand’s level of acknowledgement, which brought about positive sales at our stores and online D2C, so in the end, we were able to maintain our profits.


− Have there been any changes to your creation or branding, due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection?

We’ve lost contact with street cultures, such as lives, dance, clubs, which are the inspiration of our creation.  But on the other hand, in our company also, due to an increase in remote work and working at home, there has been an increase in time spent with family.  From such flow of things, the direction of the brand we had been following of aiming towards looking cool, being powerful, has seemed to have become unrealistic.  The scenes in which our customers wear or how they wear has also changed, so from the 21 S/S season, we’ve switched from a basically black based tone to earth colors, evolving into a collection which fits and can coexist with present lifestyles.  Items which can be worn when spending time with family, and items which can be worn in outdoors scenes.  The 21 A/W collection we will be presenting is also along the extension of this 21 S/S season, and we intend to show S/S items mixed in with A/W ones.




− We are looking forward to seeing the actual collection.  This will be your first show with an audience, so please tell us your fervor towards it.

In the midst of the COVID-19 infection continuing to spread, at the end of the year 2020, we decided to participate with a show, thinking it was a timing for us to move on towards the future.  Social conditions are gloomy with the future being difficult to foresee at the moment, but I am thinking to present a show which will bring some hope to the world.  I’d be happy if as many people as possible would see the show at fashion week.  Furthermore, in this show, we will also be presenting items made in collaboration with various people, so please look forward to those items, too.


− Could you please also tell us your plans for the show?

As the name of the brand “FORESOMEONE” indicates, the brand is not targeted to a limited target.  We hope to be a brand which fits people diversely, so we have appointed a diverse line-up of models.  The plan for the show is one inspired by hippie culture.  It is not in any way an eccentric show, but I hope to make it a show which lingers on and remains in people’s hearts.  I would be happy if people feel hope, freedom, kindness, that ours are clothes needed in today’s daily life.  The show will be transmitted live in TOKYO FASHION FILM, and an edited version is scheduled to be transmitted later, after the show is done, on YouTube, SNS, etc.




− Finally, please tell us your future plans for the brand.

As for shows, I’m thinking of continuing it as much as possible, in a context befitting our ability.  As for production, rather than producing items which will be consumed in one season only, we wish to give birth to clothes that can be worn in a variety of situations or be worn for long terms.  Furthermore, as LDH itself, we intend to go on with overseas advancements of the brand.  Our aim is to become a brand worn and favored in various cultures, by people of all sorts of ethnic groups.


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