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colormark co. , ltd.

colormark co. , ltd.


Ishikawa Prefecture is one of Japan’s most prominent synthetic textile producing regions, attracting international attention. Colormark, based in Komatsu City, specializes in digital dyeing, and collaborates with yarn manufacturers and knit factories within the region to advocate creative values.

colormark co.,ltd.
Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture / Established in 2005 / Scope of business: Digital dyeing for fashion accessories (e.g. legwear) and building materials / No. of employees: 18 persons


colormark co., ltd.
Manager, Planning Sales Sec., Sales Dept.,
Yasunobu Miyamoto

[introduce Designer]
Yurika Ohara and Steven Hall
Mr. Miyamoto can think from the designers’point of view, producing results that do not
need to be modified providing smooth communication.



Decade of business leap from a different field

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IN-PROCESS BY HALL OHARA’s collection is filled with colorful prints featuring original graphics. For the last three years, colormark handled the printing of their legwear materials.

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Conventionally, the conversion of designer’s design data into dyeing data required advanced application and technological skills on the part of factories. However, the advancement of machine technology has enabled highdefinition multi-color prints regardless of lot volume, aiding the creative drive of designers.

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IN-PROCESS BY HALL OHARA’s designer Ohara says she encountered colormark after her acquaintance recommended them for high-quality digital dyeing services.


“Most of my communication with Mr. Miyamoto happens only when handing over our data, but he perfectly understands our design intentions and comes back with materials exactly as we wanted.” In fact, she has never visited their factory. The successful outcome must be attributable to Miyamoto’s ability to understand their design sense.

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In a constant pursuit for higher print quality, colormark has created legwear bases for tights and leggings, and explored know-how for applying optimum printing.This has enabled high-definition reproduction of print patterns, attracting praise from designers.

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The company started out as a factory primarily processing building materials. Tapping into the skills nurtured in the industry where no pattern displacement is allowed,they launched printing services for apparel accessories in 2008. The share of apparel printing services expanded year by year to reach 40% at present. More recently,colormark has worked with a knitwear factory to develop a knit material for premium-quality printing.

It took several years on printing experiments alone. They will continue to collaborate with a textile companies in the Hokuriku region to take on new challenges in the future.

Interview&Text:Shinya Miyaura (Secori Gallery)
Photography:Yohey Goto

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