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Textile Labo co.,LTD.

Textile Labo co.,LTD.


Gifu city was a flourishing wholesale district that used to purchase fabrics from Ichinomiya or Tsushima, which are producers of woolen textiles.Even today, there are many manufacturing plants in the Gifu prefecture. Textile Labo cooperates with craftsman in such historic plants, and has been generating various creations.

Textile Labo co.,LTD
Gifu city, Gifu prefecture / Established in 2003 Scope of Business: Manufacturing & wholesale business of woolen, cotton, linen and silk textiles No. of employees: 5 persons


President Shoji Hayano
Textile Labo co., LTD.

[introduce Designer]
Tatsuya Kimura and Sanae Yoshida
Mr. Hayano has a charming personality.He understands even the slightest nuance and creates fine fabric with a great taste.



Creation from scratch

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President Hayano of Textile Labo co., LTD., worked at a textile company in Gifu city before becoming independent in 2003. He is a textile creator, who has been creating fabrics for a numerous designer brands representing Japan over the years.

The office is crammed with archived fabrics that give an account of the history up to this day.

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The collaboration between Hayano and DISCOVERED started in 2008. Hayano says, “DISCOVERED gives more importance to persistence than the price of the fabric when they place orders.”

The woolen coat worn by the mannequin at the entrance is remarkably eye-catching. It belongs to the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection and has been considered by DISCOVERED designer Kimura as the most impressive product.

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Normally a large number of products can be placed in the fulling machine; however, these were fulled one by one carefully to ensure product consistency.

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The shuttle loom that is used in the sub-contract factories of Textile Lab co., LTD. is old low-speed machinery that gives results close to hand weaving.While high-speed machinery can weave several hundreds of meters in a day, these shuttle looms have low productivity and can weave only several dozens of meters a day.

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However, some materials and textures cannot be woven unless shuttle looms are used, and those are indispensable for the textiles created by Hayano.

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In such kind of manufacturing that involves lot of hand work, the efforts get reflected in the cost, and hence in fact the volume of this kind of manufacturing has been decreasing year af ter year.

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Hayano says, “In the past, although designers were creating entities, now it is more about using existing fabrics than making new ones.”

It is not just assembling; it is actually creating from scratch. Textile Labo co., LTD. and DISCOVERED share a relationship of mutual respect. We cannot take our eyes off what kind of fabric will be used to create new fashion.

Interview&Text:Shinya Miyaura (Secori Gallery)
Photography:Yohey Goto

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