OCT. 02, 2018

Newcomer brand questionnaire | AOI WANAKA

Aoi Wanaka



Aoi Wanaka


Women’s / Ready To Wear, Bags, Hats and Shoes

Brand information / About the designer

―What inspired you to become a fashion designer? Describe developments leading up to the brand launch.

The feeling of love was a trigger.
I thought that I wanted to do my most favorite thing when I felt that I thought “What I liked the most, what I like the best” for me.
The clothes that I was wearing at that time have precious memories.
I was interested in “making it” and wanted to make clothes for someone.

―What is the brand’s concept? What do you want to communicate through fashion designing? What are the images of men and women you want to project?

“Design that adds color to everyday, clothes that walk together”
We propose clothes full of vitality towards self-sustaining women so that they can obtain an uplifting feeling by wearing clothes, the heart is satisfied, and be able to have a little confidence. I want you to sympathize with women living in this era. I want to make someone feel good through fashion.

―What is your source of inspiration in creating fashion? What is your process of developing a design concept?

The scenery, stuff, people, events in daily life, encounters, walking in the street.
I always think that I want to make clothes that will satisfy the feeling of the wearing person.

―Who are your current stockists (areas, retail formats, etc.)? Describe the typical followers of your brand.

It is a select shop in NY SOHO.

―Which brands, designers, styles and cultures have had the most impact on your fashion designing, and why?

I am not a designer but I am a teacher.
I respect that I am in the fashion industry for my entire life.

About 2019 S/S collection

―Why have you chosen Tokyo(Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO) as the venue for presenting your collection?

By participating in the Tokyo Collection, I would like you to recognize and sympathize with as many people as possible. We believe that trust as a brand that continues to consumers is important.
Because I think that it is connected to repaying to those who took care of by making one wearing that wears one’s clothes of AOI WANAKA so that their feelings are satisfied and making the business work, the Tokyo Collection
I would like to participate in the.

―What is the concept / image for your brand’s 2019 S/S season?

Rapeseed butterfly … “rapeseed, butterfly becoming” Aegeon’s pupa is emerging, reborn as a butterfly.
NowTo crawl on, to someday flap to the blue sky.There are many beautiful words that created beautiful Japanese that you do not want to forget, with thoughts. Express spring that you feel from words.

―What is your vision for your show / installation?

I’m sorry, but I have not decided yet.


―What are your brand’s future outlook and goal?

The goal is to build a foundation in Japan and to make the business now.


―What does Tokyo represent for you?

A lot of precious encounters. A place to connect.

―Which parts / sites of Tokyo do you like most? Why?

I like plants and I often go to a flower shop. The atmosphere, the view of the world, the kind of plants that are placed are different from one to the other.
I bought plants at the flower shop where I dropped by, raised myself and gifts.
Plants are the motivation to make people healthier and to communicate.

―What are your favorite / recommended shops (of any genres, e.g. fashion stores, homeware stores, food services), facilities and sites?

About 4 years ago
It collects fragrance of fragrance lamp of ASHLEIGH & BURWOOD, changes fragrance by mood, I am pleased as both an interior and a gift.

It is a flower shop who happened to pass, but I love the world view very much. Starting the brand, For those who are important, we have changed the bouquet we gave for the celebration to a dry flower and it is decorated in the office.

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