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Kazuyoshi Minamimagoe
BEAMS Creative Laboratory Senior Creative Director

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  • beautiful people

    The girl’s bowler hat was hot~! The Chester and bowler hats gave of the ROCK spirit in the 60’s and really hit home.


    The collaboration with Converse. The image of the bandana wrapped around the ankle was really cool, giving off a somewhat street gang taste. I ended up placing a personal order.


    The combination of the MA-1 and the Taylor Jacket! Hat’s off to the great sense of pulling off something basic in a tricky way!!

Curator's Profile

Kazuyoshi Minamimagoe
BEAMS Creative Laboratory Senior Creative Director

Appointed as the Beams Creative Laboratory Senior Creative Director in May 2010. Before this position, he was a Ray BEAMS buyer and creative director, supporting the company for more than a quarter of a century.

Recommended Shop

  • The Beams shops along Meiji street in Harajuku.

    From high-end, luxury brands to street brands, Tokyo brands, art, and pop culture; as long as you go around the Beams shops in this area, you will have a good understanding of Tokyo’s fashion and culture scene.

  • Shinjuku-ku, Araki-cho

    Although it has a bit of a deep feeling, it’s a night amusement park for adults, featuring subdued bars, chic cooking, shady snack pubs, and more. You can enjoy an exotic TOKYO NIGHT.


    A boutique specializing in Japanese brands, professing “From Japan to the World.” You can check out popular Tokyo brands if you visit this shop.


    A coffee shop owned by latte art world champion Mr. Sawada. It’s become a mecca for people in the coffee industry around the world. Aside from the really delicious coffee, it also features collaboration goods and clothing with the B:MING LIFE STORE.

  • Shanghai xiaochi

    A Chinese restaurant located down the dubious and complicated back alleys of the Kabukicho district. You can enjoy delicious Chinese food with a black rain-esque exoticism.

  • Nakano Broadway

    As long as you hit this area, you will pretty much be OK on the Tokyo sub culture scene. Very compact and chaotic, you can spend an entire day here without becoming tired.


    I still haven’t been, but it’s the shop belonging to Kotake-kun from 5okai.


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