by R

by R

Rakuten launched the project "by R", aiming to support Japanese fashion designers.“by R” was emerged from Rakuten’s passion for spreading the attraction of Japanese fashion culture globally by providing talented Japanese fashion designers with various opportunities.During Rakuten Fashion Week, Rakuten will support brandsin diversemeasures, such as sponsoringbrands’ fashion show and promoting their products through E-Commerce.Rakutenwill continuously develop “by R” with seeking numerous possibilities.Please be look forward to witnessing “by R” that succeeding Japanesefashion culture to next generations.

*By invitation only

Date March 15 (Mon),19 (Fri) 2021
Venue Please check offical web site
Organizer Rakuten, Inc.
Contact Rakuten
Fashion week project team
Tel 050-5432-7511
Official Website https://brandavenue.rakuten.co.jp/contents/byr/
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