MAR. 19, 2022

RakutenFWT 2022 A/W | Day 6 Report

“Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (hereinafter indicated as Rakuten FWT) 2022 A/W” (governing body: the Japan Fashion Week Organization, hereinafter indicated as JFWO), welcomed its sixth and final day.

●SUGARHILL (11:00~ Physical presentation)
SUGARHILL, one the award-winning brands of TOKYO FASHION AWARD, presented their very first show at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie. At the venue, the band, “Odottebakarino kuni” made an appearance, providing music for the show. Under the theme of “ENTER THE MIRROR”, their collection gave new interpretation to work and military, with use of fringes and damage process.


●RequaL≡ (12:00~ Physical presentation)
Under the theme of ‘new fashion market’, they hiitched three categories, namely “brand new and used”, “genuine and fake, truth and lies”, “restructuring of functionality”. In “brand new and used”, they faced newness by intentionally reproducing secondary elaboration damage that will occur tens or hundreds of years in the future. In “restructuring of functionality”, they introduced items which would transverse fixed ideas towards things, for example a carpet that can be used as a pillow, a blanket, a wrap-skirt, a muffler, all in one. It was a show filled with a happy mood, presented outdoors.


●pays des fées (14:00~ Physical presentation)
The pays des fées 2022AW collection was carried out at an old abandoned factory studio at Kawaguchi city, Saitama prefecture. The COLLECTION was presented under the theme of “’Electricity and magic’ various phenomena being solved due to electric and/or scientific advances, in modern times when dreaming has become a difficult task, what are illusion?” Nikola Tesla being the main source of image, it turned out to be a show with a fantastic worldview.

●ZIN KATO x Yuki Mitamura(16:30~ Online presentation along with a press event at Shibuya Hikarie, COURT)
The fashion brand, ZIN KATO, having started-up a digital fashion label, ZIN KATO x D, presented a digital dress created by 3D production as their first project. Based on the worldview of the 47 years of haute couture created by the designer, Zin Kato, a new generation creator, Yuki Mitamura, has drawn up digital dresses with expressive portrayal beyond the framework of physical clothing. It turned out to be a new endeavor that draws a line between conventional physical runway shows.


●DAIRIKU (17:30~ Physical presentation)
DAIRIKU, one of the award-winning brands of TOKYO FASHION AWARD, presented their very first show at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie. Under the theme of “After School”, they presented a collection filled with the designer’s origin and roots, such as the many clothes and friends encountered at America mura (American Village) where the designer visited often as a school student and became his origin in love for clothes, memories given to him from his parents, etc.


●The last online presentation of the last day was “DRESSEDUNDRESSED” 19:30~.
A collection dedicated to Mr. Teiji Furuhashi of Dumb Type. Under the same theme as Mr. Teiji Furuhashi’s posthumous work, “LOVERS”, expressed the mystery of mutual love against romanticism of social order.


●The last show gracing the runways of Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022 AW was TOGA, presenting the show by support of byR. 18:30~.
Presented at the Official venue of Omotesando Hills, SPACE O, and with this, the 2022 AW season closed its curtains.

The Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022AW term has ended today. The next 2023SS season is scheduled to be held from August 29th (Mon.) to September 3rd (Sat.), 2022. Please keep your eye on Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO.

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