FEB. 15, 2024

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W Season Highlights

FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2024 award-winning brand, “M A S U”
To hold a triumphant return event open to all, on the eve of the term


M A S U 24AW collection ©JFWO

On March 10th (Sun.), the eve of the 2024 A/W season, “M A S U”, the award-winning brand of “FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2024”, will be presenting their latest collection presented at Paris, as the “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W SPECIAL ON-SCHEDULE RECEPTION PARTY”. Befitting the “OPEN, FASHION WEEK” theme, this is an event open to the public, and not for industry related people only. It is a special event designed to further enliven the elevated spirits towards the fashion week starting the next day.

【 M A S U 】
Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W
Date: March 10th (Sun.)
Place: Shibuya Hikarie 9F, Hikarie Hall A 
* Details will be announced later.


Designer: Shinpei Goto
Born at Nagoya-city, Aichi pref., in 1992. Appointed as the designer of 《M A S U》 since 2018 A/W. The brand name comes from the polite language of “masu”. His collections are greatly influenced by the ideologies, philosophies, historical backgrounds, exciting ideas of vintage wear which has captivated him since his youth, and he advocates “making clothes with potential to become someone’s vintage”, being loved over time.

▼Top runner of the 24 A/W term: HIDESIGN presenting a runway show as a compilation of their work

March 11th (Mon.) 12:00~ Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A

“HIDESIGN (HIDESIGN Design Team)”, a group of professionals in uniform designs of all varieties of occupations, has welcomed their 3rd season since their start as a fashion brand, by just compiling experimental presentations, without selling up to now.This season, they are presenting a compilation runway show, as a memorial collection commemorating their stepping out into the market, for the very first time. Their show will be the top runner opening the 24 A/W fashion week. Their materials with concern towards SDGs, one-of-a-kind pieces of reconstructed work uniforms damaged through rip, etc., continue to be noteworthy points.

▼JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD 2024 award-winning brand, KANAKO SAKAI

March 13th (Wed.) 19:00~ Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A

“KANAKO SAKAI (Kanako Sakai)”, who was award the grand prix of the JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD 2024, the brand support program launched by the Japan Fashion Week Organization (hereinafter indicated as JFWO) in the 2023 fiscal year, as “a new talent with the potential to become active in the global fashion industry”. Please watch for their 24 A/W season which as become even more attractive, having experienced their very first show presentation.



▼TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2024 award-winning brands

The award-winning designers of the 9th “TOKYO FASHION AWARD”, hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and JFWO, aimed at supporting designers based in Tokyo leap out and broaden business on a global field, are scheduled to present their collections at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A.


Photo front row, left to right: anna choi (HAENGNAE), Takuya Isagawa (mister it.), Misa Takeuchi (PHOTOCOPIEU), Daisuke Tanaka (tanakadaisuke) photo back row, left to right: Kazuho Arai (FAF), Tsukasa Takabayashi (FAF), Kota Gushiken (Kota Gushiken), Shimpei Kajiura (SHINYAKOZUKA), Soshi Otsuki (SOSHIOTSUKI)

HAENGNAE (anna choi) March 16th (Sat.) 12:00~
mister it. (Takuya Isagawa) March 15th (Fri.) 11:00~
PHOTOCOPIEU (Misa Takeuchi) March 14th (Thurs.) 12:00~
tanakadaisuke (Daisuke Tanaka) March 13th (Wed.) 12:00~
FAF (Kazuho Arai / Tsukasa Takabayashi) March 12th (Tues.) 12:00~
Kota Gushiken (Kota Gushiken) March 12th (Tues.) 19:00~
SHINYAKOZUKA (Shinya Kozuka / Shimpei Kajiura) March 11th (Mon.) 19:00~
SOSHIOTSUKI (Soshi Otsuki) March 16th (Sat.) 19:00~

▼FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2024 award-winning brand

A triumphant return event by MASU (Shimpei Goto), will be held on March 10th (Sun.), at Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A.  
* Details will be announced later.

▼Participation of many powerful past TFA, NBA award-winning brands and brands participating through by R

※ Indicated inside the ( ) are designer names, award year/year of participation (in alphabetical order) 
Many award-winning brands of recent Tokyo fashion weeks, and brands gathering attention through by R, who are presently active as forceful brands, will be participating, one after another, continuously.

AKIKOAOKI (Akiko Aoki, TFA 2023)
ANREALAGE (Kunihiko Morinaga, by R 2023 S/S)
Chika Kisada (Chika Kisada, TFA 2017 / by R 2023 A/W)
FETICO (Emi Funayama, TFA 2023 / NBA 2023)
HARUNOBUMURATA (Harunobu Murata, TFA 2022)
IRENISA (Yu Kobayashi / Yuji Abe, TFA 2023 )
TANAKA (Sayori Tanaka / Akira Kuboshita, TFA 2023)
VIVIANO (Viviano Sue, TFA 2023)
YOHEI OHNO (Yohei Ohno, TFA 2017)

▼Digital Presentation Brands

In the 24 A/W season, a total of 8 brands, namely, HOLO MARKET (Riki Yoshida), CHONO (Wataru Nakazono), 08sircus (Kiminori Morishita), DRESSEDUNDRESSED (Takeshi Kitazawa), HYKE (Hideaki Yoshihara / Yukiko Ode), IRENISA (Yu Kobayashi / Yuji Abe), mintdesigns (Hokuto Katsui / Nao Yagi), WIZZARD (Koji Sato), will be giving a digital presentation. Please take notice.

▼Brand presenting through by R 2024 A/W

“by R”, a project to empower the Japanese fashion scene.
The 24 A/W season of this project gathering attention every season, will be supporting “Marimekko”, the Finnish design house known worldwide for their creative prints and use of colors, present a fashion show. Furthermore, in commemoration of the brand’s participation to “by R”, limited edition items will be sold at “Rakuten Fashion”, the fashion EC site operated by Rakuten, and an interview of Marimekko’s Creative Director, Rebekka Bay, on her thoughts, is scheduled to be transmitted on the special website.

▼JFW DIGITAL GRAND PRIX 2024 Carrying out of selection for the digital division winner

With regards to movie pieces of brands who gave digital presentations in both the 24 S/S and 24 A/W seasons, and wished to participate, the selection for the NEXT BRAND AWARD 2024 Digital Division will be carried out. A prize of \1,000,000 (excluding tax) will be awarded to the award winner. (Scheduled to be announced around late April)

WEB page regarding this program:

▼24 A/W Exhibit by JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD 2024 Special Recognition Award winner “fluss”


fluss24 S/S Courtesy of brand

The 2024 Special Recognition Award winner, fluss (Hikaru Kodama), will present an exhibit of their 24 A/W collection at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, during all seven days of the 24 A/W term, starting from March 10th.

Hosted by: JFWO
Dates: March 10th (Sun.) 2024 ~ March 16th (Sat.)
Place: Shibuya Hikarie 9F, Atrium

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