FEB. 15, 2024

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W Season Fortifying of overseas business

▼Official start of inviting overseas press/buyers

During the corona pandemic, Rakuten FWT had been transmitting information to overseas online, but starting from this upcoming 24 A/W season, we will be officially considering inviting buyers/press from overseas, in effort to construct physical exchange and transmitting of information with overseas. By having people actually experience the presence of our fashion week, and have them see the collections up close, we aim for an increase in transmissions of real articles, and in actual buying results. Details are scheduled to be announced at a later date.

▼TRANOÏ to hold an event for the press during the Fashion Week

As an Official Rakuten FWT 24 related event, the fashion exhibition “TRANOÏ” (Paris Fashion Week Official Tradeshow Partner) is scheduled to hold a press event during the term. An Official invitation will be sent out at a later date, so please mark the date on your calendar.

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