FEB. 15, 2024

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W A variety of contents open to the public, to be carried out

Under the theme of “OPEN,FASHION WEEK”, we will be carrying out a variety on contents and/or events that can be enjoyed by all people, through such key words which express the now of fashion, such as “AI”, “SDGs”, “Japan Technology”.

▼Official media, WWDJAPAN’s Special Project, “Invitation to Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO”

(Hosted by: WWDJAPAN Cooperation: JFW)

In cooperation with “WWDJAPAN”, the Official media of Rakuten FWT, people with “the wish to see a real live fashion show” will be invited to the event by drawing. By registering at, anybody may enter. This is a project in which people can experience the front line of Japanese fashion, as an opportunity for the general public to realize the greatness and fun of fashion.
Entry form:
Entry is scheduled to start from February 16th (Fri.)

▼Official media, “FASHIONSNAP”, guests snap project

(Hosted by: FASHION SNAP Cooperation: JFW)
Snaps of fashionable guests visiting show venues, including famous people, will be introduced in the FASHIONSNAP Official Instagram or “Street Style” within their WEB site. Furthermore, some of the snaps of people giving permission, is also scheduled to be introduced in the Rakuten FWT and Rakuten Fashion (RakutenFWT portal / by R Instagram stories). 

▼The first-time ever in Tokyo “Denim Run TOKYO” to be held

“Tweed Run Tokyo”, was introduced in 2012 as an Official event and ended in a blast. This time in cooperation with Tokyo Creative Salon, along with the cooperation of Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima prefecture, the production place of denim, “Denim Run by Tweed Run Tokyo“ will be held for the first time in 4 and a half years, the very first time in Tokyo.

Date/Time: March 17th (Sun.), 2024
Place: Within Tokyo
Hosted by: Tweed Run TOKYO Operation Committee



J∞QUALITY, active with the aim to vitalize Japanese textile production places, along with expansion of pure Japan-made products, will introduce the new directionality of 2024 A/W enterprises. In addition to a “J∞QUALITY LUXURY LABEL” being newly established towards Japanese luxury zone designers and/or factory brands, a triumphant return exhibit introducing groups of products applying Japanese artisan skills, which were exhibited at PITTI UOMO (Firenze), Paris showroom in January 2024 will be held, along with a Craftsman Selection Exhibit.

Hosted by: J∞QUALITY Special Project Organization
Dates: March 11th (Mon.), 2024 ~ March 13th (Wed.) 
Place: Shibuya Hikarie 8F, 8/COURT・CUBE

▼ONWARD Upcycle Action Project


Utilizing collected own product denims, an exhibit/sales-by-order of upcycle items planned/produced through free inspirations, making good use of both Onward’s power of creation and production skills, will be held. As guest creators, Naoki Matsuda of nisai, Shun Ishizawa of Maison Shun Ishizawa, and HARU, have been asked to participate in the creation of upcycled items.

Dates: March 14th (Thurs.), 2024 ~ March 16th (Sat.)
Place: Shibuya Hikarie 8F, 8/COURT



“Sync Fabric Studio”, established in 2024, to suggest the desirable situation in which Fabric should exist in modern day society.As its first exhibit installation, in cooperation with KORI-SHOW PROJECT (hosted by Sota Yamaguchi) and the Tokyo National Museum, “kimono designs” of the Edo period have been mechanically study by generative AI, to create innovative graphics yet conforming to tradition. Furthermore, focusing on the “no waste structure” of kimonos, data simulation has been applied. An experimental production/exhibit of a “futuristic haori (short Japanese overgarment)” will be displayed, created through a pattern making of zero rejection rate utilizing the latest fabric has been realized, with prints by the newest digital machinery mentioned above.

Hosted by: Sync Fabric Studio
Dates: March 14th (Thur.), 2024 ~ March 16th (Sat.) 
Place: Shibuya Hikarie 8F, 8/ CUBE

▼TOKYO AI Fashion Week


With AI technology evolving daily, there are people who voice negativity against AI in the fashion industry also, as a force to take over some jobs. However, looking steadily at a near future in which AI can be utilized positively, at Rakuten FWT, we will be hosting a related event to consider possibilities for a new fashion business.
This event is scheduled to consist of 3 contents, including a contest, exhibition, and seminar. 
※ For details, please refer to the separately each website.


■TOKYO AI Fashion Week-2024 AW Contest
As a Rakuten FWT related event, the very first fashion design contest utilizing AI. Please take a look at the pieces made by designers creating the future, by fusing the creativity of AI with creative senses of people.

Application term: February 15th (Thur.) ~ March 31st (Sun.)
Qualification requirements: Pieces which fulfill the criteria of the application rules (open to applicants from overseas and domestic)
Some pieces will be shown on the TOKYO AI Fashion Week – 2024 A/W Exhibition event monitor, scheduled to be held on March 16th & 17th.
TOKYO AI Fashion Week – 2024 A/W Contest :

■TOKYO AI Fashion Week-2024 AW Exhibition
Among all the pieces applied to the contest, 20 pieces will be displayed at the 1st floor of the WORLD Kita-Aoyama bldg. Visitors may participate by voting for their favorite piece.
Date/Time: March 16th (Sat.) / March 17th (Sun.) 11:00-18:00
Place: WORLD Kita-Aoyama bldg., 1F
No prior reservation needed / no admission charge.

TOKYO AI Fashion Week – 2024 A/W Exhibition :


■Holding of the “Generative AI and future of fashion #3” seminar
Speakers active in the field of AI x fashion will speak on themes such as the latest information on generative AI evolve daily and application examples, possibilities of what kind of impact it may have on the fashion industry in the future, etc.
Date/Time: March 16th (Sat.) 14:00 – 16:00 (doors open at 13:30)
Place: WORLD Kita-Aoyama bldg., 1F & online
Speakers:TBD Generative AI and future of fashion #3
※ Please note, there is a possibility the date/time may change. .*More information on the seminar guests and how to participate will be announced on the official website in due course.

For more information on other related events, please click here.
2024 A/W related events page (open at all times):

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