FEB. 15, 2024

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W The “DIGITAL VOICE” project appointing fashionista and/or influencers

In effort to have more people feel the real of fashion week, the “DIGITAL VOICE” project appointing fashionistas and influencers will be carried out again this season. In addition to “RUNWAY WATCHERS” in which groups of influencers visit the shows, and “MY RUNWAY” in which a photographer shoots the venues through their original viewpoint, a new project, “MY RUNWAY Gallery” in which the fashion of guests visiting the shows will be introduced and displayed, will be opened.

▼Keep your eyes on how the fashion influencers dress also! “RUNWAY WATCHERS”

overflowing with a sense of live & elation
Fashion-loving influencers will visit collection shows in groups, to convey the passion and excitement of the venue, which only members who actually experienced the shows can, mainly in their own SNS. Checking out the unified styles of each group according to the theme of each group, is one of the highlights of this project.


▼Continuation of “MY RUNWAY”, with mitograph shooting the shows through his original viewpoint

The customary project “MY RUNWAY”, continues on from 2023 A/W. This time again, the photographer “mitograph” will tour the shows, shooting the show itself, the venue, and guests. Please enjoy the individual worldview of each brand.

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024S/S Photo by mitograph

Shinpei Mito / mitograph (photographer)
After graduating from Kyoto University of Arts, moved to reside in NY, USA. Opened the fashion snap site “Mitograph”. While expanding his activities from NY to the four most collections worldwide, along with beginning to shoot also at London/Milan/Paris, moved his base to Tokyo. Presently, in addition to activities overseas, shoots for major cosmetics companies and both national/international fashion brands

▼New Project! “MY RUNWAY Gallery”, introducing the fashion of guests visiting Rakuten FWT

Up to now, the fashion of guests have been introduced in the Rakuten FWT Official Instagram. This season, to introduce as many people as possible, we will be opening a gallery within the special site. Please keep your eyes open for the fashion of guests colorizing Rakuten FWT.

(Scheduled to be released on March 11, 2024)

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