MAY. 22, 2024

Announcement of the 「JFW DIGITAL GRAND PRIX 2024」 winners

The Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO) is pleased to announce the winners of the “JFW DIGITAL GRAND PRIX 2024”.

Digital presentation has been popular to present the designers clothes during the pandemic, when it was impossible to gather people, and has developed over the past few years as content that is distinctly different from physical presentation, allowing the collection to be presented without the constraints of time and place.
The award has developed over the past few years.

In the FY2023, when this award was launched, it was open to all brands that participated in the digital presentation of each season but this year, the scope was expanded to include digital collections presented over the course of the year, as well as promotional videos and image videos of brands participating in both seasons. The jury evaluated the 21 brands that had applied on a qualitative evaluation from two main perspectives: the evaluation of the clothes presented and the evaluation of the movie works.

<Comments from the juries>
In terms of digital (video) expression, although the works met the definition of “showing the clothes” and “conveying the brand’s image and concept,” there were no works that received outstandingly high evaluations that would lead to new challenges or the development of digital expression, agreed by all the juries.

Based on the above comments, the juries have rigorously reviewed the entries and decided that there will be no “Grand Prix” for this year.

Instead, a “Special Award” will be given to the following four brands that received high scores.

JFW DIGITAL GRAND PRIX 2024 Special Award (in alphabetical order)

FETICO (Emi Funayama)
mintdesigns (Hokuto Katsui / Nao Yagi)
RAINMAKER (Kohichi Watanabe)
SHINYAKOZUKA (Shinya Kozuka / Shimpei Kajiura)

Each winning brand will receive a cash prize of 250,000 yen (exclusive of tax; withheld for individuals).

JFW DIGITAL GRAND PRIX 2024 JURY (Random order, titles omitted)
Video Director, vivision, Yuichi Kodama
『SULVAM』Designer, Teppei Fujita
TheYomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters, marieclaire division, marieclaire Chief Editor, KatsutoTai
The Mainichi Newspaper Co.,Ltd., Liberal Arts Department, Journalist, Yashiho Komatsu
MATOI PUBLISHING “QUOTATION”, Editor, Kiwamu Sekiguchi

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【JFW DIGITAL GRAND PRIX 2024 Special Award winners】

Backstage and details that cannot be seen at the show were added with multiple angles and realistic images, utilizing expressions only possible with digital technology to express the world in a compact way.

2024 AW

The inclusion of elaborate camera work and unexpected objects creates movement to the video. It also
senses the synergy of these effects with the design of the work.

2024 SS

2024 AW

The brand has been presenting digitally for a long time, so we could feel a sense of stability with the use of space and light to enhance the collection.

2024 SS

2024 AW

It was good how the video footage of the physical show was expressed like a “postscript”, using the brand’s unique atmosphere. Also, the images gave a sense of the realism of the show.

2024 SS

2024 AW

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