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Daisuke Tanaka

Daisuke Tanaka

tanakadaisuke Designer

After graduating from Osaka Bunka Fashion College, joined Keita Maruyama.
After became independent, active as a costume maker and an embroidery artist.
Debut in 2021 as collection brand "tanakadaisuke" and is releasing works irregularly.

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“tanakadasisuke”, a designer’s brand by Mr. Daisuke Tanaka, who is also an embroidery artist. The concept of the brand is, “hope you get to encounter a you within you, yet unknown”. Developing in a romantic, translunary collection, based on the designer’s embroidery and decorative skills. We spoke to Mr. Tanaka, making a show debut in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022AW with his first challenge in presenting a runway show, on his fervor towards participating in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 22AW, what he wishes to convey through his brand, future aspirations as a designer, etc.

Your decorations, especially embroidery, is very impressive, but when did you become interested in embroidery?

the things I wanted to express suddenly became clear, and I felt as if I were overflowing with things I wanted to do. For my graduation exhibition, I was so full of creative desire, I made a clothing hanger with clothes hanging, under the theme, hanger.

Please tell us about your thoughts behind your concept of “hope you get to encounter a you within you, yet unknown”.

Clothing of the tanakadasisuke brand are not such that snuggle up to daily life, but despite that, it is my wish that people discover a brand-new self by wearing tanakadasisuke clothing. Before becoming I designer, I was already active as an embroidery artist and costume design. The things I like making tend to be a bit romantic, or a bit translunary, so I hope people will enjoy the whole worldview of the brand, including the dreamy clothing. A magical girl-like image is also a theme I want to confront now. This is close to my concept, so I guess you could say I’m interested in making clothing which allows one to “encounter a transformed self”.

Regarding your inspirations for creation, from where or what are you stimulated by?

Ever since I was a child, I had been watching magical girl anime, such as “Ojamajo Doremi”, “Cardcaptor Sakura” or “Sailor Moon”, so it is close to my heart and I am often influenced from anime. However, because I am aiming to create clothing that will be worn by as many people as possible, I value a balance between formality. I think, having the two pillars of cute decorativeness and formality coexist, allows the wearer to feel a stronger sense of transformation, so I purposely use a textile called formal black to

2You started up your collection in 2021, but is there anything you are particularly conscious of being amidst the corona pandemic or on SDGs?

Shortly before my debut, the announcing of my cherry embroidery and string-ribbon masks was what got me noticed. It first gathered attention in Twitter, then there was an increase in the number of people seeing my Instagram, through which, made me realize that perhaps this is the role I am supposed to fulfill. I don’t know what to call it exactly, but perhaps, things that make people dream. I felt I could shoulder this role in the world of fashion. Regardless of the corona pandemic, I intend to feature functionality and themes which are in demand now, while pursuing expressionism in design.

As for SDGs, I’m not especially conscious of it in choosing my materials, but not carrying stock is a policy of Patchworks, so we take a virtually production-by-order style. We do not hold sales either. Protecting the value of the tanakadasisuke brand equals protecting the value of the customers who pick up our clothing. We feel this will connect into our items being loved for a long time.

Please tell us the reason why you chose Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO as the stage to present your very first show after you collection debut, and if there is anything you challenged yourself to in participating, please let us know.

The first 2021 collection was sort of like a calling card to introduce myself, but this show will probably be the first opportunity for most people to see me, so I am hoping to present a show which will leave a strong impression in people’s memories. I wish to convey the romantic senses within me. Up to now, we were working mainly on looks shootings which involved two models at the most, but this time, we have appointed over 20 models. Due to still being amidst the corona pandemic, the models have been chosen one month in advance, so we were excited about making this model wear this and that, even before we started making our pieces. But thanks to that, we were able to undergo a creative process that is more particular, because we had a specific model to imagine when creating. I think, such experience is unique to shows, and we hope everybody will realize that our clothes will look good on all sorts of people. Furthermore, I think it is best to have two contradicting aspects existing together in one piece, such as tenderness and strength, cuteness and coolness, etc. For example, a piece with a high neck which has a dignified, stoic impression when seen from the front, but a widely opened, sexy backside. Shows allow us to present such two-sidedness sterically, which I hope people will look forward to seeing.

Finally, please tell us your aspirations as a designer, and a message to your guests who are planning to see your show.

I realize I am still inexperienced and unable to fulfill all the things I wish to do, but I feel it is important to continue accumulating the things I can do now as a designer. However, at the moment, I often feel I am self-contained, so I hope to involve more people in the production process. Rather than containing and limiting to a world of my own, I want to broaden my view. And I intend to challenge thinking of ways to have people who stubbornly refuse relenting their worldview, people who have never even thought of wearing dreamy clothes, to reach for and wear our items.

As for the show, I have stuffed it with decorations and forms expressive of the culture I grew up with. For people of the same generation as I, the things we prefer, such as anime, is probably similar, so I hope they will notice “isn’t this a motif of that?” things. Furthermore, because I am an artist, I have used many beads and ribbons on each piece. Each embroidery is constructed of various materials and items, made with much care and particularities, so I would be happy if everybody will enjoy seeing them.

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