Register 2020 A/W

Press / Photographer / Buyer Registration

*Registration deadline:18:00, February 21th (Tue), 2023

Please note, this does not guarantee being invited to shows, permission to interview or photograph shows.

Please be sure to read the following carefully before going on to registering.

  • Presently, the Japan Fashion Week Organization (hereinafter indicated as JFWO) does not issue show viewing passes nor photographer passes.
  • Please note, if/when the Japan Fashion Week Organization (hereinafter JFWO) judges the contents of your application to be false or untruthful, your registration may be turned down or cancelled.
  • Due to security reasons, registration will not be possible once the registration term has ended

To press / photographers

Merits of Registration

  • Once registered as press/photographer, you will automatically start receiving up-to-date information (press releases, email newsletters).
  • You may apply for coverage request to all participating brands at once. JFWO will submit your registered information to participating brands in advance, and apply for coverage request all at once, on your behalf.
    ※ Invitation for shows will be sent to you directly from brands, via post or digitally sent to the email address indicated in your registration(Each individual brand is left for giving permission for invitations to show, interviews/photographs, and providing materials, to registered media).
  • You are welcome to use the press-center.
    ※Please note, depending upon the crowd in the press-center, there is a possibility a number restriction on people utilizing the center may be put in place.
  • Registration can be done in Japanese. For details on procedures, please download and confirm from the PDF within the Registration top page.
  • As a rule, this register is for medias planning to interview/carry articles regarding fashion week, freelance editors/writers/photographers attached to such medias, and buyers. For those people who wish to interview/view shows for any other reasons, please indicate specifics on the interview you wish to carry out in the register registration.
  • After JFWO confirms the contents of your registered information, JFWO will judge whether or not to approve your registration, based on the information given.
  • Each individual brand is responsible for giving of permission for interviews/permission to shoot, sending of materials, invitation to shows. Please note, press registration does not guarantee invitation to shows, permission for interviews or shooting.
  • JFWO conducts steal and movie shoots at the camera shooting space at Shibuya Hikarie Halls A/B, and Omotesando Hills for reports, coverage, publicity, advertisement purposes of Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO. There is a possibility of registered participants being shot in the background of such shootings, unintentionally. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Please consider that registration will mean that you understand and accept this possibility.
  • Photo shoots on the compound of Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills (except for at the Collection venue) are outside the scope of each brand’s permission for photography. Those whom wish to perform any type of recording at Shibuya Hikarie and/or Omotesando Hills, should contact JFWO (TEL:03-6805-0965/
    ※Same provisions apply to other venues. Please contact applicable brands in advance for further information.

【Photographing of the event and handling of images】

  • Photographing the event is permitted only to media organizations whom have completed press/photographer registration, and shooting for the purpose of selling the images is not permitted
    ※If/when photographs are utilized for purposes other than news/reports, depending upon the model and/or designer or how it is utilized, it may be an infringement of portrait rights and/or copyrights. JFWO will not be responsible in any way whatsoever, if in case such situation occurs.
    ※if reselling of event images is discovered, future entrance may be refused.
  • Please refrain from using a flash when shooting from the guest seat, as it may hinder the stage production of the show.

【Important notice regarding use of the press center】

We will send specifics on use of the press-center to registered people, at a later date.
※Please note, depending upon the crowd in the press-center, there is a possibility a number restriction on people utilizing the center may be put in place.

I confirmed the above contents.
Press / Photographer Registration

To buyers

  • For those buyers whom have registered in the past and have any changes in your registered information (change in organization, address, contact details, etc.), or wish to have your registration deleted, please contact by 18:00, February 21th (Tue)

Merits of Registration

  • Registered information will be distributed to participating designers via JFWO.
    * Please contact the designers concerning invitations for their collections.
    * Registered personnel will automatically start receiving up-to-date information (press releases and email newsletters).
Buyer Registration
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