MAR. 15, 2021

RakutenFWT 2021 A/W | Day 1 Report

Today, “ Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (hereinafter indicated as Rakuten FWT ) 2021 A/W ”
(governing body: the Japan Fashion Week Organization, hereinafter indicated as JFWO),
welcomed its first day.

●Opening March 14 th (Sun.) 22:00 DIGITAL VOICE TALK ROOM

In the “DIGITAL VOICE TALK ROOM”, various themes on fashion, starting with attention grabbing brands and other subjects, such as “what to be aware of when watching a fashion show”, “how to enjoy online fashion shows and/or presentations”, etc. were discussed from the point of view of fashionista, models, journalists, and buyers.
Participants: Go Akimoto, Maiko Shibata, Yu Masui, Chiaki Hatakeyama

●March 15 th (Mon.) 9:00 The first fashion legal counselor’s office Vol.1 The Legal Counsel on Fashion for Beginners , started as an online content.

“The first fashion legal counselor’s office Vol.1 The Legal Counsel on Fashion for Beginners ” is a movie in which, lawyers Junya Komatsu,Miyuki Ebisawa, Yasuhiro Nakauchi,will discuss 1 topic on fas hion law every day, until the end of this term on the 20th (Sat).
Both can be seen on the archives later. If you are interested, please check it out.

Starting from this season, carrying out on the spot interviews of first time participating brands presenting a live transmission (March 15 th , Mon., 17:00 SEVESKIG

Starting from this season, for first time participating brands presenting online, on the spot interviews are scheduled at the time/dates indicated below. One on the spot interview is scheduled for every day, starting from tomorrow. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.

March 16 th (Tues.) 16:00 HxCx takashi ito
March 17th (Wed.) 15:00 CHONO
March 18th (Thurs.) 17:00 9M
March 19th, (Fri.) 12:00 pays des fées
March 20th, (Sat.) 13:30 naokitomizuka

●beautiful people (by R)” 19:00

The first show held under “by R” by R”, a project to support Japanese brands by Rakuten, Inc.,the title sponsor. The show was transmitted also, at “Rakuten Fashion”, the fashion EC site operated by Rakuten, Inc.


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