FEB. 15, 2024

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W Rakuten FWT very first full AI season key visual Using a new technique utilizing facial learning of actual models

Appointing Fashion Director, Souta Yamaguchi.
Under the 24 year-round theme of “OPEN,FASHION WEEK”, in sync with the flow of last season expressing “liberation”, the image of the connection and happy coexistence between people and nature through garments has been expressed as a “banquet”, using the 5 elements of nature (sky/fire/water/land/wind) as a motif. It is a key visual bringing to life the skills depicted by the serendipity of AI and senses which only people are capable of.
Furthermore, this time, with the cooperation of DONNA MODELS, a model agency representing Japan, in creating the key visual, AI carried out a “without shooting” facial learning of Lala Takahashi、Maria Sosa、Jobey Mitchell, three models active both nationally and internationally.
In recent years, while problems in portrait rights, such as deep fake and appearance of AI models arise, by utilizing AI with the understanding of agencies and/or models, we challenged new possibilities in ways to appoint models and fashion creativity. Furthermore, this will be the very first full AI production for a Rakuten FWT key visual.

Main Visual(空)©JFWO







▼Rakuten FWT 2024 A/W key visual movie

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