FEB. 20, 2019

Newcomer brand questionnaire | Nobuyuki Matsui

Nobuyuki Matsui


Nobuyuki Matsui


Nobuyuki Matsui


Men’s Ready To Wear

Brand information / About the designer

―What inspired you to become a fashion designer? Describe developments leading up to the brand launch.

We love craftmanship and we also making garments ourself in our studio, and gradually we start our brand.

―What is the brand’s concept? What do you want to communicate through fashion designing? What are the images of men and women you want to project?

Designs singular-minded collections each season with a curiosity and Inquiring mind of the garments.
Authentic beauty from the tradition and techniques is the most important medium for the expressing the concept.

―What is your source of inspiration in creating fashion? What is your process of developing a design concept?

Inspiration taking from ordinary life, we making garments to express what we curious about

―Who are your current stockists (areas, retail formats, etc.)? Describe the typical followers of your brand.

We are very small brand at the moments but mainly customer buy our garments based on originality and

―Which brands, designers, styles and cultures have had the most impact on your fashion designing, and why?

Influenced by British culture, because designer learn about fashion, and especially vintage or heritage culture.

About 2019 A/W collection

―Why have you chosen Tokyo(Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO) as the venue for presenting your collection?

Because of TOKYO fashion award, we try the best show we could

―What is the concept / image for your brand’s 2019 A/W season?

19aw inspiration taking from air buffered cushion, including in the pencil from amazon Japan.
we are transferring the items to the fashion in our way to make it fun!

―What is your vision for your show / installation?

Air cushion and fashion world.
we are mixing the elements together to be fun.


―What are your brand’s future outlook and goal?

We are honest about our products


―What does Tokyo represent for you?

Quit unique city mixed with totally different aspects in it

―Which parts / sites of Tokyo do you like most? Why?

There is small but specialised good shops like specific saki bar,
or Japanese traditional food restaurant etc around kuramae area.

―What are your favorite / recommended shops (of any genres, e.g. fashion stores, homeware stores, food services), facilities and sites?

Okazuyokotyo, Kuramae st area, Yanaka area

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