OCT. 09, 2020

Newcomer brand questionnaire | RYNSHU




Rynshu Yamaji


Men’s & Women’s / Ready To Wear

Brand information / About the designer

―What inspired you to become a fashion designer? Describe developments leading up to the brand launch.

After graduating from Tama Art University, I worked at Kanebo INC. as a package designer. Then I won thesilver prize at Kanebo All Japan Fashion Competition and moved to fashion labo. After a chief designer atbig apparel company, I started my own brand to create my new style in 1985.

―What is the brand’s concept? What do you want to communicate through fashion designing?

To improve yourself. Be particular about the cutting details and original textiles to be confortable. Andgenderless.

―What is your source of inspiration in creating fashion? What is your process of developing a design concept?

I always create my original textile every season and design the style at the same time. The inspirationcomes from new image feeling at that moment.

―Who are your current stockists (areas, retail formats, etc.)? Describe the typical followers of your brand.

celebrities in worldwise, actors, artists and loves the original styles. I have shops in Tokyo and Paris.Selected boutiques in LA.

―Which brands, designers, styles and cultures have had the most impact on your fashion designing, and why?

I resonate the person who has the original philosophy of malti-creation. I met Mr. Pierre CARDIN, so he is.I also resonate the style by Gianni VERSACE, Karl LAGERFELD’s lifestyle and the philosophy of CocoCHANEL.

About 2021 S/S collection

―Why have you chosen Tokyo (Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO) as the venue for presenting your collection?

I debuted at Tokyo fashion week in 1986 as “MA-JI MASATOMO”, the 10th anniversary of “RYNSHU” atParis fashion week in 2020 AW. At the same time I presented my first perfume “1217”. This is the 35thanniversary of designer life. I want everyone to feel the world of RYNSHU in Tokyo.

―What is the concept / image for your brand’s 2021 S/S season?

「focus on “wearing clothes”」

―What is your vision for your show / installation?

Feel the genderless style of RYNSHU.


―What are your brand’s future outlook and goal?

Mix the men’s and Women’s style and make RYNSHU’s original borderless style.


―What does Tokyo represent for you?

The city has “traditional Japan” originality and cosmopolitan “futuristic culture”.

―Which parts / sites of Tokyo do you like most? Why?

Minami-Aoyama. RYNSHU boutique is in Minami-Aoyama.

Regarding the COVID-19 Corona virus

If any, please tell us any changes you’ve made to the brand and/or designs due to the spread of COVID-19.
I recognized the importance of masks, so I made RYNSHU original mask as a new fashion item for newnormal.

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