MAR. 21, 2020

RakutenFWT 2020 A/W Special feature, Q&A | Kosuke Kawamura (Collage Artist)

Bondage pants and jumper (PHINGERIN)

Kosuke Kawamura
Collage Artist / Graphic Designer / Art Director
Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2020 S/S & 2020 A/W Key Visual Creator

Of the brands which were scheduled to participate in RakutenFWT 2020 A/W if there was any brand in particular which you were interested in or looking forward to seeing, please tell us.

It’s not a participating brand, but PHINGERIN.
I’ve been friends with their designer, Mr. Tomoyuki Kobayashi, since he was still a student. I’m a big fan of the clothes he makes because they are full of sensitivity, particularities, and playfulness.

In your opinion, what is the originality, uniqueness of Japanese brands/fashion, and/or what is it that makes Japanese brands/fashion interesting?

Careful attention to detail, thoughtfulness towards convenience, and beautiful silhouettes.

What is the most important topic in fashion, between the 2000’s ~ 2010’s?

The diminishing of barriers between high brands and street brands. I think, the phenomena of high brands all turning towards street all at once, is amazing. And I think the origin of this street fashion is Tokyo, which proves that it wasn’t just a passing fad.

How do you think the fashion industry will become in the 2020’s?

This is not just about fashion, but I think there will be an increase in demand for one-and-only items. I think the street flow will still continue on but go towards more one-of-a-kind things pursuing quality.

Is there anything you hope for or expect in future RakutenFWT?

I think it would become even more interesting if more overseas brands would participate. I’d also like to see more brands by young designers in their 20’s. I think this would also be a positive stimulus to regularly participating brands.

Please tell us your favorite or ‘must go’ suggestive spots in Tokyo.

Cat street after 9 P.M. (between Shibuya ~ Harajuku). I find it difficult to go during times that the shops are open, but at night, Cat street holds a completely different face from the crowdedness during the day, and for me, it’s such a serene atmosphere, I feel embraced by minus ions.


[Link] Special interview: Kosuke Kawamura | Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2020 S/S & 2020 A/W Key Visual Creator

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