MAR. 11, 2024

RakutenFWT 2024 A/W | Day 1 Report

“Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (Rakuten FWT) 2024 A/W” (governing body: the Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO)), welcomed its first day.

On March 10th (Sun.), the eve of the term, “M A S U” FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2024 WINNER’S EVENT “THE CINEMA“ & Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W “OPEN”ING PARTY was held

On the eve of the 24 AW term, “M A S U” FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2024 WINNER’S EVENT “THE CINEMA“ & Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W “OPEN”ING PARTY was held. Many people, including non-related general public came to further invigorate the elation towards fashion week, starting the next day. At the venue, guests enjoyed the event with beverages such as Red bull, Gaviola water, Chang Beer, Kiyasume soda, in addition to DASSAI Sparkling of “Asahi Shuzo”, the official sponsor of Rakuten FWT,


The top runner of this term was “HIDESIGN” (12:00~)Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A


HIDESIGN”, the group of uniform design professionals, welcoming their 4th season as a fashion brand, graced the runway as the top runner for the 24 AW season. A total of 60 new pieces, created based on work uniforms but upgraded through functionality of details and materials, filled the venue, expressing a worldview of “a group”, unique to work uniforms, through a highly impactful production.

24 AW presentation of the JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD 2024 Special Recognition Award winning brand, “fluss”

A portion of the 24 AW collection of fluss (Hikaru Kodama), the award-winning brand of the 2024 Special Recognition Award, will be exhibited at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie 9F Atrium, from March 10th (Sun.), the eve of the term, until March 16th (Sat.). Today, at the venue, a presentation utilizing models was given, from 13:30. Appearing were models dressed in a collection full of a sense of fantasy, with its delicate gap between boyish-ness and elegance.

Online presentation by “IRENISA” (15:00~)

TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2023 award-winning brand, “IRENISA”, gave an online presentation of their collection. Under the theme of REENVISION, to create new value and style to the homogenized image of clothes, they presented a collection assembled as a contemporary “suit” (not a suit, but a complete outfit), through shapes and/or use of materials unique to IRENISA.


Chika Kisada” (16:30~)

Chika Kisada Chika Kisada, participating in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO for the first time since last presenting in 23 AW through “byR”. Under the theme of “Desert Flower”, they presented their 24 AW collection at LIGHT BOX STUDIO AOYAMA.

At the start of the show, adorable kid ballerinas appeared, and a wide array of attention gathering items were presented, including outers and bags adorn with tulle, which are signatures of the brand.

KAMIYA” (18:00~)


Under the theme of “Time is Blind”, they expressed impulsivity and universality, the dual nature of the passing of time in fashion.

The collection was presented at Shibuya Hyakken-dana, an area continuing to maintain its unique color despite being in the midst of the town of Shibuya, currently undergoing drastic changes.



“TOKYO FASHION AWARD”, hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and JFWO, aimed at supporting fashion designers based in Tokyo in their efforts in leaping out into the global field and expand business. The 9th award-winning brand, “SHINYAKOZUKA”, giving their first presentation of this season as a triumphant return event, was held at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A.
Time, people, space which the designer considers a “feast”. By combining “winter”, the season which encompasses all of these, to his favorite moment of diving into the pool before swimming, which he resumed after the ending of the pandemic, a collection titled “DIVE INTO WINTER FEAST” was presented.



J∞QUALITY, whose activities are aimed at the vitalization of Japanese textile production places and the expansion of pure Japan-made products, introduces their new directionality of their 24 AW projects. In addition to a “J∞QUALITY LUXURY LABEL” being newly established towards Japanese luxury zone designers and/or factory brands, a triumphant return exhibit introducing groups of products applying Japanese artisan skills, which were exhibited at PITTI UOMO (Firenze) and the Paris showroom in January 2024, will be held, along with a Craftsman Selection Exhibit.

March 11th (Mon.) 14:00~20:00
12th (Tues.) 11:00~20:00
13th (Wed.) 11:00~18:00
Place: Shibuya Hikarie, 8F, 8/COURT・CUBE
Admission fee: Free of charge (open to all) 
Hosted by: J∞QUALITY Special Project Organization

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