MAR. 10, 2020

RakutenFWT 2020 A/W Special feature, Q&A | Gianluca Cantaro (NOW FASHION)

Gianluca Cantaro
Editor in Chief NOW FASHION

Please send us a supportive message to those brands which were scheduled to participate in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO(RakutenFWT) 2020 A/W.

This is a very complicated situation, please stay safe at home as much as possible as it is the best and fastest way to stop the spread of the virus. if you do this this will finish sooner! gambatte!

Of the brands which were scheduled to participate in RakutenFWT 2020 A/W if there was any brand in particular which you were interested in or looking forward to seeing, please tell us.

I think HARE is the most interesting

In your opinion, what is the originality, uniqueness of Japanese brands/fashion, and/or what is it that makes Japanese brands/fashion interesting?

As said when I came last time, there’s a bit of lack of uniqueness among Japanese brands of Tokyo fashion week

What is the most important topic in fashion, between the 2000’s ~ 2010’s?

The rise of fast fashion which changed completely the speed of everything in the system

How do you think the fashion industry will become in the 2020’s?

It is now already too fast and with a lot of waste. I feel that there will be a rationalization of need slowing the pace and being more respectful of the environment

Is there anything you hope for or expect in future RakutenFWT?

To push more into creativity.

Please tell us your favorite or ‘must go’ suggestive spots in Tokyo.

I always love Shimokitazawa and there are so many restaurant which is hard to mention all


[Link] 2018 S/S Overseas guest interview: Gianluca Cantaro

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