Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO × JOOR PASSPORTRakuten Fashion Week TOKYO × JOOR PASSPORT


Starting from this season, Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO will be joining a partnership with “JOOR PASSPORT”, one of the largest fashion market places in the world.
By accessing the Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO banner (scheduled to be placed during the fashion week term) within “JOOR PASSPORT”, buyers of over 200,000 retailers from around the world will be able to access the pages of this season’s participating brands, established within JOOR PASSPORT. This is a program aimed at supporting participating brands in their global expansion of business.

※For buyer registration, please register in our official HP, as done regularly. The registered information will be shared with participating brands.


“JOOR PASSPORT” is a service which allows for smooth business negotiations and order placements, by connecting brands to buyers and retailers online.
To participate/utilize “JOOR PASSPORT” you will need to register.
To register: https://jooraccess.com/signup

※Registration to “JOOR PASSPORT” is free of charge for buyers and retailers.
※After you have registered from the above form, your registration will be approved and finalized after a simple screening process.



To Be Announced.


As a global industrial standard order platform, JOOR handles 1.5 B (approximately 160 B yen) GMV monthly. It connects over 8,600 brands with over 200,000 refined shops and retailers from over 144 countries around the world.


“JOOR PASSPORT” is a fashion curation marketplace newly launched this June by “JOOR”, one of the world’s largest online order platforms.
By fusing a virtual showroom with an online exhibition experience, “JOOR PASSPORT” allows brands, shops, and retailers to discover, connect and do business from anywhere in the world, thereby naturally building up the world’s largest global fashion marketplace.