MAR. 19, 2024

RakutenFWT 2024 A/W | all over flash report

A week of conveying the attractions of TOKYO fashion under the theme of “OPEN,FASHION WEEK”

“Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (hereinafter indicated as Rakuten FWT) 2024 A/W” (governing body: the Japan Fashion Week Organization, hereinafter indicated as JFWO), was held mainly at the Official venues of Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills, between March 11th (Mon.) ~ March 16th (Sat.), including the FPT triumphant return event & opening party on March 10th (Sun.). During the term, a total of 43 shows and installations were presented, including 35 physical presentations and 8 digital.
Befitting the year-round theme of “Open,Fashion WEEK”, with the cooperation of all participating brands, many opportunities in which the general public could participate in shows and/or installations were generated. It was a week aimed at widely conveying the attractions of TOKYO fashion, creating a fashion week which can be enjoyed by all.

List of all brands participating in the “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 A/W” season

35 brands giving physical presentations(inorderofpresentation) ●firsttimeparticipants

1, M A S U (FPT)
3, pays des fees
4, Chika Kisada
8, FAF (TFA) ●
11, Kota Gushiken (TFA) ●
13, t anakadaisuke(TFA)
24, Queen&Jack
26, mister it. (TFA) ●
27, HEōS
28, meagratia
29, support surface
30, Marimekko (by R) *FINLAND ●
32, Global Fashion Collective *CANADA
33, Global Fashion Collective 2 *CANADA
35, anrealage homme ●

8 brands giving digital presentations (in order of presentation)

1, 08sircus
6, mintdesigns

2024 A/W season collection presentation highlights

The world renown Finnish design house, “Marimekko” Presented their very first runway show in Japan Through “by R” A project to empower the Japanese fashion scene

Carried out again this season again, “by R” a project of the title sponsor, RAKUTEN GROUP, INC. (hereinafter indicated as “Rakuten”) to empower the Japanese fashion scene, and through it, the Finnish design house “Marimekko” presented their first runway show in Japan. The iconic “Unikko” flower design of this brand welcoming its 60th anniversary this year, gathered great attention in their 24 AW collection. In the collection, “Unikko” was presented in a variety of patterns, along with an introduction of the brand’s very first denim line, “Maridenim”. Furthermore, to commemorate the brand’s participation through “by R”, special limited-edition items were sold at “Rakuten Fashion”, the EC site operated by Rakuten, which made a grave stir.


©Courtesy of brand

Furthermore, in this season, there were many continued and or re-participation of past TOKYO FASHION AWARD, JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD award-winning brands and brands participating through by R, thereby creating a thick layered line-up, from first- time participants to established power-houses. Highlights to be introduced in the next page.

■ A wide array of presentations, from award-winning brands to attention grabbing brands
・Triumphant return event by the FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2024 award-winning brand

On March 10th (Sun.), the eve of the 24 AW term, at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A, FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2024 WINNER’S EVENT “THE CINEMA” introducing the collection “M A S U” presented at Paris, was held as their triumphant return event. In addition to a showing of a movie of the Paris presentation, an installation of mannequins dressed in the 24 AW collection was presented. Many people, including the general public, participated in this event acting also as the opening party, enlivening the excitement towards the fashion week starting from the next day.

・Triumphant returns of TOKYO FASHION AWARD 2024 award-winning brands (in order of presentation)

All award-winning designers of the 9th “TOKYO FASHION AWARD”, presented their collections at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A. Each brand presented their collections in individual, unique methods, gathering grave attention.

Grand Prix award-winning brand, “KANAKO SAKAI

KANAKO SAKAI”, the grand prix winner of the JFWO hosted brand support program, “JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD 2024”, presented a show again this season, in continuance from last season, at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A. Bolding facing “femininity” aspects which the designer herself had been avoiding, the intention of the show was transformed from that of introducing the brand in last season, to that of deeply expressing her inner self.



Special Recognition Award-winning brand, “fluss”


A portion of the 24 AW collection of Special Recognition Award winning brand, “fluss”, was exhibited at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, 9F Atrium, from March 10th (Sun.), the eve of the term, throughout March 16th (Sat.). On the first day of the exhibition, at the venue, a presentation with models was given. A collection with a sense of fantasy with a delicate gap, mixing boyish-ness and elegance.

・Student support _ Esmod Tokyo 2024 Graduation Show
Providing a venue for the “ESMOD Tokyo 2024 GRADUATE COLLECTION”


Ms. Nanako Oda, winner of the Grand Prix / Best Modelism Award / Best Stillism Award.

As a related event of Rakuten FWT 24 AW, on March 17th (Sun.) after the ending of the term, at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, Hikarie Hall A, a runway show presenting the works of the 29 graduating students of Esmod Tokyo was held.
Unique works expressing the concept of “Bon Appétit” were presented.

■Participation by many powerful past TOKYO FASHION AWARD, JFW NEXT BRAND AWARD winners and brands participating through by R (in order of presentation)

Many award-winning brands of recent fashion weeks and brands gathering attention through by R, who are presently active as forceful, talented brands participated, to present impressive shows/installations.

IRENISA (Yu Kobayashi / Yuji Abe, TFA 2023)

Chika Kisada (Chika Kisada, TFA 2017 ・ by R 2023 A/W)

TANAKA (Sayori Tanaka / Akira Kubota, TFA 2023)

HARUNOBUMURATA (Harunobu Murata, TFA 2022)

VIVIANO (Viviano Sue, TFA 2023)

YOHEI OHNO (Yohei Ohno, TFA 2017)

FETICO (Emi Funayama, TFA 2023 ・ NBA 2023)

AKIKOAOKI (Akiko Aoki, TFA 2023)

■ Debuting this season, “anrealage homme

©Courtesy of brand

A new men’s brand, “”, debuted from ANREALAGE this season, gracing the last runway show of the last day.

In this brand, the designer comments he will undertake clothes making with eyes faced towards his own origins, and symbolic pieces abundant with handcraft were presented. The collection brought about grave attention.

■8 brands making digital presentations

In the 24 A/W season, a total of 8 brands, namely 08sircus (Kiminori Morishita), IRENISA (Yu Kobayashi / Yuji Abe), HOLO MARKET (Riki Yoshida), WIZZARD (Koji Sato), mintdesigns (Hokuto Katsui / Nao Yagi), CHONO (Wataru Nakazono), DRESSEDUNDRESSED (Takeshi Kitazawa), HYKE (Hideaki Yoshihara / Yukiko Ode) participated digitally. Each presented movies and/or stills expressing their individual worldview.









2024A/Wseason Strengtheningofoverseasbusiness
■Inviting of journalists, etc. from overseas

At Rakuten FWT, starting from this 24 A/W season, inviting of press/buyers from overseas has begun in earnest.
This season, invited were 2 journalists, Eugene Rabkin and Zoe Suen, who have extensive ties to Tokyo’s fashion week and are well- versed in Tokyo fashion, along with TOKYO FASHION AWARD judge, Nick Wooster, and representatives of the Singapore Fashion Council visited Japan, to tour this fashion week.

Left to right: Zoe Suen、Eugene Rabkin、Nick Wooster


Left: Singapore Fashion Council CEO_Ting Ting Zhang Right: Accompanied by, Japan Business Exchange_Ian Ketsumasa

■Tying of a partnership between TRANOÏ and JFWO, and announcement made towards next season

Under a partnership between a prestigious European fashion joint exhibition, “TRANOÏ” (Paris Fashion Week Official Tradeshow Partner) and JFWO, TRANOÏ TOKYO is advancing into Tokyo.
The first exhibition in Tokyo has been decided to be held on September 4th, 5th, 2024, and a press conference to announce this was held, this past March 14th (Thurs.). Approximately 150 national and international brands are scheduled to participate, and because these dates coincide with the term of Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2025 S/S, “Bellesalle Shibuya First” was appointed as the venue to allow for easy access in linking the two events.

2024A/Wseason Strengtheningoftransmissionofinformation
■ Production of Rakuten FWT’s very first full AI season key visual Created by a new method utilizing facial learning of real live models

Under the ’24 year-round theme of “OPEN,FASHION WEEK”, in sync with the flow from last season expressing “liberation”, images symbolizing the connection and happy coexistence between people and nature through garments is expressed as a “banquet”, using the 5 elements of nature (sky/fire/water/land/wind) as motifs.
This key visual bringing to life the skills depicted by the serendipity of AI and senses which only people are capable of was created and displayed throughout the Official venues of Shibuya Hikarie and Omotesando Hills.
With the cooperation of DONNA MODELS, a model agency representative of Japan, “without shooting” facial learning AI technology of Lala Takahashi, Maria Sosa, Jobey Mitchell, three models active both nationally and internationally, was utilized in creating this key visual. In recent years, while problems in portrait rights, such as deep fake and AI models arise, by utilizing AI with the understanding of agencies and/or models, we challenged new possibilities in way to appoint models and fashion creativity. Furthermore, this has been the very first full AI production for a Rakuten FWT key visual.


(sky 2)




(wind)All ©JFWO

Rakuten FWT 2024 A/W Key visual movie

Opening of a 2024 A/W Special Site
In addition, a variety of information, such as information on the key visual and events open to the public, were disclosed from before the start of the term and updated throughout the whole term at the below Special Site.

■Carrying out of “RUNWAY WATCHERS”, “MY RUNWAY Gallery”

At “Rakuten FWT”, in effort to have more people feel the real of fashion week, the “DIGITAL VOICE” project appointing fashionistas and influencers, was carried out again, this season. In “RUNWAY WATCHERS”, groups of influencers visited the shows dressed in theme uniformed styles, to enliven the venues and convey the heat, excitement of the shows in their own SNS.


Furthermore, also carried out again continuously from past seasons was the “MY RUNWAY” project in which the photographer, mitograph, goes around shooting the venues/guests from this original viewpoint. In effort to have people enjoy these photographs in places other than INSTAGRAM, many of those photographs were posted on the newly established “MY RUNWAY Gallery”. We hope you continue to enjoy the posting in the “Rakuten FWT” SNS and/or WEB site.

“MY RUNWAY Gallery”

■Live streaming/disclosure on YOUTUBE

Continuing again in the 24 A/W season, presentation contents of all participating brand are being disclosed on the Official WEB site, along with a live streaming of physical presentations for those brands wishing to do so. All archive movies are disclosed at the below YouTube channel.

Under the theme of “OPEN,FASHION WEEK”, a wide array of contents carried out

Week TOKYO 2024 A/W “OPEN”ING PARTY carried out on the eve of the term, on March 10th (Sun.)

In addition to fashion industry related guests, a great many fashion-loving, non-industry people who applied in advance attended the
event, further invigorating the elation and excitement towards Rakuten FWT 24 A/W, starting the next day.

■Shows presented in link with the opening event of “Tokyo Creative Salon” The MIKIO SAKABE show was open to the public

In link with the opening event of “Tokyo Creative Salon”, a festival of fashion and design, shows of “AKIKOAOKI”, “MURRAL”, “MIKIO SAKABE” were held at Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium. The show of MIKIO SAKABE was open to the public, and a great success with approximately 3,000 people filling the venue.



■Carrying out of an invitation of the general public project, in cooperation with “WWDJAPAN”, the Official media


In cooperation with WWDJAPAN, the Official media of Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO, a program to invite people with the “wish to see a real live fashion show” to the event by drawing was carried out this season.
With the cooperation of participating brands, approximately 800 people were invited. As a program befitting the year-round theme of “OPEN,FASHION WEEK”, the venues were filled with fashion-lovers, making it an even more glamorous event.

■Guest snap project of Official media, “FASHIONSNAP”

©FASHIONSNAP Left: at the venue of tanakadaisuke

Right: at the venue of Marimekko

Starting from the triumphant return event of M A S U on March 10th (Sun.), throughout the whole Rakuten FWT 24 A/W term, from the opening event to its closing on March 16th (Sat.), a snap-taking project of fashionable guests was carried out by FASHIONSNAP, the Official media. Snaps are posted at FASHIONSNAP
Official INSTAGRAM and Street Style FASHIONSNAP.

■初の「Denim Run」TOKYOを実施


“Tweed Run Tokyo”, officially carried out for the first time in 2012 and ending in great success. This time, in cooperation with Tokyo Creative Salon, along with the cooperation of Fukuyama-City, Hiroshima Prefecture, the production place of denim, the event was reinstated for the first time in 4 and a half years as “Denim Run by Tweed Run Tokyo”, held at Tokyo for the very first time.
Blessed with lovely weather on March 17th (Sun.), many people participated in the event.



During the first half of the term, between March 11th (Mon.) ~ March 13th (Wed.), an exhibit of “J∞QUALITY”, active with the aim to vitalize Japanese textile production places, along with the expanding of pure Japan-made products, was held at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, 8F, 8/COURT・CUBE. At the venue, in addition to a triumphant return exhibit of items of the newly established “J∞QUALITY LUXURY LABEL” for Japanese luxury zone designers and/or factory brands, exhibited at PITTI UOMO (Firenze) and Paris showroom this past January, a craftsman selection was also exhibited.

■ONWARD Upcycle Action Project

During the later half of the term, between March 14th (Thurs.) ~ March 16th (Sat.), at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, 8F, 8/COURT, an exhibit/sales-by-order event of 149 upcycled items utilizing collected own-product denims, with both the power of creation and productive ability of ONWARD, was carried out. In addition to pieces by in-house creators, pieces by guest creator, Naoki Matsuda of nisai, Shun Ishizawa of Maison Shun Ishizawa, and HARU, were also exhibited.

■Algorithm-Formed Kimono


During the later half of the term, between March 14th (Thurs.) ~ March 16th (Sat.), at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie, 8F, 8/CUBE, the first exhibit installation of “Sync Fabric Studio”, who suggests the desirable situation in which Fabric should exist in modern day society, was carried out. In cooperation with KORI-SHOW PROJECT (hosted by: Sota Yamaguchi) and the Tokyo National Museum, “kimono designs” of the Edo period were mechanically studied by generative AI, to create graphics that are innovative, yet conforming to tradition. Furthermore, focusing on the “no waste structure” of kimonos, data simulation was applied. Realizing a zero-rejection rate pattern making while utilizing the latest fabric, an experimental production of a “futuristic haori (short Japanese overgarment)” with prints by the latest digital machinery was carried out and displayed.

■Carrying out of TOKYO AI FASHION WEEK

In “TOKYO AI Fashion Week”, a related event of Rakuten FWT 24 AW, consisting of 3 contents, including a contest, exhibition and seminar, were carried out.

・“TOKYO AI Fashion Week – 2024 AW Contest”
TOKYO AI Fashion Week – 2024 AW Contest, held between February 15th (Thurs.) ~ March 31st (Sun.), from application of pieces to voting for one’s favorite piece, is being carried out. Applications of pieces fulfilling qualification requirements, such as being a piece created by AI image generation, etc., are being received widely, from Japan and overseas.

・“TOKYO AI Fashion Week – 2024 AW Exhibition”

Of all the pieces received from the above contest (approximately 1,900 applicants from Japan and overseas), 18 pieces among the 96 pieces which passed the first screening were exhibited and disclosed publicly, during the weekend of this past March 16th (Sat.) and 17th (Sun.). Furthermore, voting started from March 15th (Fri.). Polls are open for anybody to vote online for their favorite piece at the below WEB site, until March 31st (Sun.).

TOKYO AI Fashion Week – 2024 A/W Contest viewing / voting page

On March 15th (Fri.), a press event was held, in which a seminar by OpenFashion CEO, Toru Ueda and COO, Chie Kamijo was given on the efforts of this project, generative AI offered by this company, and information on the latest examples of AI in the fashion industry, prior to the viewing.

・Carrying out of the “Generative AI and future of fashion #3” seminar


Left to right: Toru Ueda, Takahisa Sunaoshi, Hiroshi Komoda

At the venue of the above mentioned “TOKYO AI Fashion Week – 2024 A/W Exhibition”, on the 17th (Sun.), the “Generative AI and future of fashion #3” seminar was carried out.
One year has passed away swiftly since generative AI products first appeared in the market, beginning with Chat GPT. Generative AI is said to be the most innovative technology since the industrial revolution. What kind of impact will it have on the fashion industry, and how will it transform the future. JFWO Secretary-General, Hiroshi Komoda, participated in part 2 of the event to speak on subjects such as the background behind how AI came to be incorporated in the 24 AW key visual, its production process, its issues, etc., and a discussion on what the fashion industry expects of AI in the future was carried out.

Speakers (in order of the Japanese syllabary)
Toru Ueda (OpenFashion Representative Director / CEO)
Hiroshi Komoda (Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO) Secretary-General) Takahisa Sunaoshi (STEKKEY Representative Director)

Activities of other cooperating corporations
■Chauffer Cars

Chauffer car cooperation: Porsche Japan KK

Chauffer car cooperation: BMW Japan

In the 24 AW season, we were blessed with the cooperation of “Porsche Japan KK” and “BMW Japan”, providing chauffer cars. National and international journalists and VIPs toured around the town of Tokyo in chauffeured cars.

■Hand-outs to guests by cooperation from sponsors/cooperation


During the term, at the Official venues (Shibuya Hikarie / Omotesando Hills), “DASSAI” and “DASSAI Sparkling Water” by Asahi Shuzo, Official sponsor of Rakuten FWT, was handed out and enjoyed by the many guests visiting the venues.
In addition, other items, including beverages such as Red Bull, Gaivota water, and samples of “melt”, a new hair care product by Kao, suggesting “beautification by resting”, were also handed out.


Gaivota water

Red Bull

DASSAI Sparkling Water

Under the year-round theme of “OPEN,FASHION WEEK”, in the 2024 A/W season, a wide array of events open to all were carried out, realizing a fashion week enjoyed by all that conveys the “attractions of TOKYO fashion”.
We intend to further invigorate this energy in the following seasons to come.
The next, “Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2025 S/S” is scheduled to be held between September 2nd (Mon.), 2024 ~ September 7th (Sat.), 2024.
We thank you and ask for your continued attention and cooperation towards Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO.

※Except for those indicated otherwise, all photos are ©JFWO.

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